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Today’s Horoscope 2nd June 2023


A period continues in which you can recover points that you have recently lost. The nocturnal star passes through the Remaking Field, through your Fire sign, on the day dedicated to the Republic. You are much more determined and can achieve unexpected goals!


The complicated position of the Moon continues on this day of celebration! Thus continues a period in which you are a bit scared of everything and you react badly. You must try to give due weight to what you perceive as threats if you want to be at peace with people.


For you, the nocturnal star is in the House of daily life! Your resolve is quite evident on this holiday. You will know how to handle it in all circumstances. Your loved one wants to be close to you even in intimate contexts, which had been neglected lately.


For Cancer, follow a pleasant position from your patron star, with the day of celebration. Your loved one feels very close to you and even finds you protective. The best features of your sign are evident and make you approach the weekend in a good mood.


“There is an unpleasant aspect of our satellite, for your Fire sign, with Republic Day. Your loved one finds you possessive. Don’t make her exasperate with repeated and unsubstantiated questions. Usually, you trust; try to get back to healthy habits.”


On this day, for your Earth sign, there is an advantageous position of the night star… Your way of doing things is eclectic and dynamic. On the day of vacation, you will have many good ideas for having fun in the company, which you shouldn’t underestimate today and on the upcoming weekend.


On a favorable day for your sign, the Moon is in the astrological house of material goods, for your sign Air… The day of vacation finds you in harmony with people with whom, in the past, you had an unclear relationship. Sincerity is winning, in this period!


A beautiful conjunction of the nocturnal star followed, for Scorpio, on the day of celebration. Your way of speaking suggests that you are quite resolute. It’s the right day to try to convince someone who hasn’t been on your side until now. You are also convincing in love.


Our satellite is in the Field of adversities for you Sagittarius to overcome on a day of celebration… Don’t be too aggressive when you want to make your point of view known. There is someone who feels intimidated by you and may react badly.


A comfortable aspect of the nocturnal star continues for Capricorn as the weekend approaches. On this day dedicated to the Republic, your loved one finds you particularly communicative. She feels comfortable with how you talk to her and how you show attachment.


On this day of vacation, for you Aquarians, an uncomfortable aspect of the Moon continues… Some oppose you. However, you must not play into his hands and be vindictive: defend yourself, but without exaggerating and without going over to the wrong side. Tomorrow it will be better!


This festive Friday, a favorable position of the Moon persists for you Pisces… You are determined and you achieve results that exceed your expectations, in many contexts. If you like someone who is still undecided about what to think about you, today you will convince them and bring them on board.

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