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Today’s Horoscope 2nd May 2023


On a lucky day for your sign, a complicated aspect of the night star starts, for you Aries. Don’t be too touchy if someone questions your abilities. You have to admit you’ve made mistakes, sometimes, and turn around if you find yourself in front of a dead end.


The nocturnal star transits the Field of Exaltation, for your Earth sign, starting today. You are very charming, both in the way you present yourself and in the way you speak. In the working environment, you will achieve not only professional but also interpersonal successes…


For your Air sign, there is a smooth aspect of our satellite, from this day. Your sociability allows you to make progress in getting to know a person who will bring great benefits to your love life. Be open to the possibilities!


“For you Cancers, the Moon, your star ruler, transits in disharmonious position, starting from this day… You must learn to admit your shortcomings first; if someone else does, you may not have time to justify yourself with dignity. Better to prevent!”


Our satellite is in a tasty moment, for Leo, starting today! At work, you will have many strings to your bow and you will make a good impression after the long weekend that has restored you. But don’t forget your affection: your intelligence allows you to make a good impression on those you love.


This Tuesday, for Virgo, the Moon enters the House of Money… Your desire to discover new things is positive and allows you to obtain excellent results for your wallet. In the profession, there is good news, thanks to more collaborative relationships with colleagues and superiors.


For Libra, a harmonious aspect of the night star takes place, starting this Tuesday! It is a period of great renewals, which must be accepted with the intellectual curiosity that distinguishes you. Your charm is remarkable and helps singles like people now in couples.


Starting with the lucky day for your sign, our satellite is in the Field of unforeseen difficulties for you Scorpios. Don’t panic if, when you return to work, you find something new. Before long, you will find the right way to get to the bottom of the difficulties.


An advantageous Moon aspect occurs for you Sagittarius starting this Tuesday! Have you seen that there was no need to worry too much about the resumption of professional activities? You will also know how to behave in love, and you will appear aware of your qualities.


For you Capricorns, there is an awkward position of the night star, starting today! Don’t be too harsh on someone who doesn’t quite know how to react to events bigger than him. Sometimes you have to be more lenient! In love, try to admit your mistakes to regain confidence.


On this day, for you Aquarius, the night star enters a positive moment… In these days, you will be able to get to the bottom of situations that are often only dealt with on the surface. Curiosity and accuracy allow you to do better than others.


The nocturnal star transits, through Pisces, in the House of Sexuality, starting from this day. A period has therefore come to an end in which you did not get along either with others or with yourselves. It’s time to resume emotional conversations that were abruptly interrupted.

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