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Today’s Horoscope 30th April 2023


It’s late April in which you are very organized and in which you can carry on a project left in the drawer. For Aries, our satellite transits in the House of Duties, on the day dedicated to relaxation… You will then have the opportunity to talk to a person who will open your eyes.


Your talent shows easily in everything you do. You will be appreciated by a person you haven’t heard from for a while, but who will immediately recognize your merits again. On this last day of April, an advantageous aspect of our satellite continues, for Taurus.


The month ends but a certain attitude of distrust towards the ideas of people you have appreciated a lot in the past does not end. For your Air sign, the nocturnal star is in a difficult disposition this Sunday… Go back to trusting others, they deserve it.


At the end of the month, our satellite is in a favorable aspect, for Cancer… Your intelligence is clear and helps you gain the trust of someone very dear to you, who however – lately – had wondered if your behavior was to be trusted.


The end of April sees you capable of collaborating on a common project that will benefit you no less than the others. The Moon transits, for Leo, in the House of material goods, on the day of the week that is positive for you. You will appear talented in the eyes of a person you like.


The nocturnal star is in good conjunction, for you Virgo, at the end of April. You have the clear possibility of meeting people who are quite different from the ones you usually hang out with. They will be able to appreciate you as much and more than those you have attended so far, which are sometimes a bit boring.


On the day dedicated to rest, for you Librans, our satellite is in the astrological house of dark obstacles. May is approaching and you need more relaxation. Don’t get carried away in an argument that someone is provoking. Someone else falls for it.


On this day at the end of April, a favorable position of the Moon followed, for you of Scorpio. Your thoughts flow in a very orderly manner and you can give a sensible and reliable opinion to someone who turns out to be very indecisive and will take you at your word.


The end of April still finds you a bit stale. A complicated Moon position persists for Sagittarius today. You have to let yourself go more and trust those who would like you on their side at a time when you have to choose which side to take. Have more faith in those who love you.


Now that May is on the horizon, our satellite is in a positive aspect for Capricorn. You will know how to collaborate effectively with a person you do not disdain at all from a physical point of view. Your words intrigue her and lead her to ask you personal questions.


On this last day of April, for you Aquarians, the Moon is in the astrological house of reform… A new period begins, in which you want to make a clean sweep of habits (and people) that are too stale ( if not moldy…) for your taste.


For your Water sign, an uneasy position of the Moon continues, as May approaches. Don’t be too critical: there would be a need to remain on good terms even with people who have different ideas from yours, but who can still give you a hand, if needed.

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