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Today’s Horoscope 30th May 2023


Our satellite is in disharmonious opposition to your Fire sign this Tuesday… There will be moments of touchiness even when no one is directly criticizing you. Don’t play victims: sometimes you are capable of making mistakes too, and you have to admit it.


For you Taurus, the night star is in the House of daily life, on this day. Your way of approaching emotional and erotic life is successful. If you are looking for a new story, there are all the conditions for making someone dream who makes you dream.


Today, the pleasant position of our satellite continues for your Air sign… Your intelligence cannot be questioned in this final period of the month. The manager at work notices this: trust in you increases and you are given more interesting tasks.


Today, for you Cancers, a dissonant position of your star governor continues! If someone suggests a better way to do things, don’t attack them. Avoid appearing touchy and ask yourself if there aren’t simpler ways to get the results.


A harmonious aspect of the nocturnal star persists for Leo today! Your creativity is important and allows you to do well in all areas. Your merits are in the light of day and allow you to be interesting in the eyes of all! Beautiful love words.


Relatives find you open to dialogue and give you a new way of interpreting reality. On this day, the Moon is in the astrological house of money, for Virgo! Collaborations become more important in every context. You will be satisfied with your results.


Today, there is still a serene conjunction of our satellite, for Libra… The final part of the month finds you quite creative. New ideas don’t only concern the professional part of existence, but also the family environment and, last but not least, love…


Pay attention to how you eat today: digestion won’t be the easiest. On your lucky day for your sign, for you Scorpios, the Moon is always in the astrological house of hidden difficulties. Also, beware of certain people who want to make your shoes.


For you, Sagittarius, a harmonious position of our satellite continues this Tuesday! If it seems to you that the things you do daily can be done better, don’t find excuses and get busy to improve them. Your intelligence will give you a nice hand.


For Capricorn, a difficult position of our satellite is still ongoing this Tuesday! The final part of the month finds you touchy. You are not asked to ignore those who don’t appreciate your work, but not even to stare at you too much if someone doesn’t have the intelligence to appreciate you.


On this day, for you Aquarians, an easy moment of our satellite persists. Thus continues a period in which you can strike up a good conversation with people who, as you well know, would have a lot to offer you if you approached them in the right way…


For you Pisces, the Moon transits the House of Reconstruction today! You should make amends for certain over-the-top attitudes of days gone by. You are more self-confident and can make peace with those who have not given you due consideration. He will be able to apologize.

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