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March 21st to April 19th
At the end of the month, both if you work and if you relate to loved ones, you will discover that you can achieve great success: the people by your side will see you as resolute… Thanks to your willingness to talk, you will be able to make yourself observed by a person who may find nice and dodgy!


20 April to 20 May
“This end of the month, for you Torelli, our satellite is in the House of Economics… Hurry up and make full use of the situations that are proposed; otherwise, another person will do it. The opportunity for something new is approaching not to be underestimated in the economic field!”


21 May to 21 June
At the end of January, a cheerful conjunction with the Moon followed. The possibility of making a dream come true is increasingly concrete, both if you are dealing with people you like physically and if you are at work… It will be nice to benefit from what lies ahead during this beginning of the year!


22 June to 22 July
At the end of January, your patron star is, as far as you Cancers are concerned, in the House of Secret Enemies… Although some don’t care for you, you will achieve the goal you deserve. Don’t forget to bring something to cover up, because the winter cold still bites!


23 July to 22 August
You have the right to enjoy a lot of prosperity, with whom it may interest you, by your character (now cheerful) and your predisposition to converse! You will get compliments. Are you ready, at the end of the month, to face a new and potentially revolutionary emotional discourse?


23 August to 22 September
At the end of January, a difficult aspect of our satellite continues, for Virgo. The people around you will think that you are a little less loyal than the ordinary since you demand to probe around… Why don’t you convince yourself to demonstrate superior continuity?


23 September to 22 October
A harmonic position of the nocturnal star followed, with the approach of February. With the help of the dowry in understanding others, for which you highlight yourself in these days, you will not find it difficult to draw the attention of someone you have known for a short time but who has already impressed you.


23 October to 21 November
Our satellite is in the astrological house of renewal, as far as you Scorpios are concerned, on the day that approaches February. To the satisfaction of those who have been interested, a problematic professional relationship will become simple. A weight is being lifted!


November 22nd to December 21st
At the end of the month, an uncomfortable aspect of our satellite continues, as far as you Sagittarius is concerned. The people you care about will judge you a little less reliable than the ordinary, considering that you dream of looking around… Don’t be too distracted!


22 December to 19 January
Our satellite transits the House of duties… As far as work matters are concerned, you will find that you are considered attentive to practical and productive details. Any situation will proceed well! Even today you will be the object of unexpected praise if you dedicate yourself to intimacy.


20 January to 18 February
Followed by a tasty position of our satellite at the end of the month. The people around you will find you more open to communication than usual. The attitude will not fail to bear fruit, both with the people you associate with for your profession and with those you like physically…


19 February to 21 March
A complicated position of our satellite persists at the end of the month. People you like will get the idea that you’re less fond of them than usual, as you try to look around you… Less inconsistency is required of you, for you to come out as successful as you usually do!

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