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Today’s Horoscope 3rd October 2023

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Today, truthful information will be a valuable help for Aries, but access to accurate data may be limited. There is a high probability of receiving false or incomplete information before a trip or meeting, encountering delays in travel, or delayed messages. It is advisable to postpone work with documents and targeted business trips and hold off on matters that require confidence, accuracy, and efficiency.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to be more attentive in communication, to check any calculations more carefully, and to look for possible errors in the plans drawn up and proposed transactions. This is a day when it is better to be careful and not rush forward too much: a slight delay now will be more profitable than finding and correcting a mistake later. It is not always worth trusting close, like-minded colleagues.


Today, Gemini may find themselves at a crossroads, in doubt or bewilderment. This day may begin for many of them with a refusal, a delay, an audit, a delay, or an error. Misunderstandings with superiors or the right people, or their absence, can add to problems (or create them). There is a risk of finding yourself “in front of a closed door.” This is not the best time to take on responsibility, such as taking office.


The stars tell Cancer that today the likelihood of secret obstacles and hidden disappointments, as well as incorrect information and spiritual delusions, increases for them. Some difficulties or others are expected on the target trip. Chronic illnesses may remind you of themselves. It is undesirable to start the educational process, systemic treatment of the disease, new work, or cooperation with a foreign organization.


Today, Leos may look to the future with a degree of doubt, pessimism, or secret fear. Temporary obstacles in current affairs are not excluded – especially if they are related to travel and contacts, maintaining documents, or processing important information. On this day, it is better not to engage in long-term planning and be more critical of any predictions: an error can creep into any plan and forecast.


Today, the stars recommend that Virgos avoid important decisions, especially those related to work, career, official communication, and professional cooperation. It is better to wait to draw up a contract, undergo an interview, or visit the institution. If such steps are required, it is worth doubling down on caution and foresight: possible verification, delay, criticism, refusal, lateness, or cancellation of the meeting.

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This day may bring Libra partial disappointment in ideals. You may have to face the realities of traveling, working, medical treatment, studying, or living in another country. There may be barriers or restrictions in obtaining services or having professional education recognized. There may also be delays in news. The stars advise postponing clarification of misunderstandings for a few days.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to become more careful when traveling and making contacts, as well as when working with important documents. It is better to refuse unnecessary trips and meetings, new acquaintances, and undertakings on this day, as they can bring more trouble than good. It is possible to test, for example, patience, restraint, and the ability to follow rules or act in cramped conditions.


Today, the stars recommend Sagittarius to become more disciplined in professional and other responsible situations, as well as more discerning in any communication. This is not the moment when you should completely trust someone and let strangers into your private life. You should not rush with an important contact, drawing up a contract (especially a long-term one), choosing an assistant or partner, or appointing a trusted person.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to plan their current affairs more carefully and not loosen control over them, especially in small things. This day is conducive to inaccuracy and negligence, creating the preconditions for unprofessionalism, indiscipline, and incompetence in details. Any route, calculation, and diagnosis needs clarification and verification. Not the best time to choose an assistant, a job, or a doctor.


This day initially sets Aquarius in a harmonious mood, but circumstances do not allow them to demonstrate this harmony in full force. They may have to reduce to a minimum their professional program, plans for their personal life, communication with children, or expenses for a planned event. In order not to be disappointed, it is better to consciously lower expectations and requirements and be content with a modest result.


Today, open, meaningful communication may be difficult for Pisces. Many Pisces will find it difficult to communicate constructively with colleagues, partners, or household members. This day creates the ground for mistakes, delays, refusals, and misunderstandings. There is a risk of finding yourself in an unsuccessful role, showing weakness or incompetence. It is better to postpone initiatives and decisions and to be more careful in planned obligatory matters.

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