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Today’s Horoscope 4th June 2023


A tasty aspect of the nocturnal star continues, for you Aries, this Sunday! Since summer is coming, it might be the right time to start some sports. You have the right energy to start an activity that will get you back in shape in time for the swimsuit fitting.


On the rest day, for you Taurus, the Moon is in the astrological house of reconstruction! New opportunities are opening up to talk heart-to-heart with the people who fascinate you. There will be opportunities to get to know someone better who is making your heart beat faster and faster.


For your Air sign, an uncomfortable aspect of the nocturnal star persists, on the day dedicated to rest! You’re a little too blunt in love. Sometimes, it is necessary to tell white lies to maintain social peace. Not even the departing always want to know all the truths.


The Moon, your patron star, is in the Field of attraction for your Water sign this Sunday. You will be able to do several things at the same time! Your dynamic way of doing will allow you to be observed by a person who loves athletic people…


On the positive day of the week for you, for Leo, a harmonious moment of the nocturnal star is underway. You are quite generous to someone who will be grateful to you. Before long, you will be rewarded for your ability to help those in need without delay.


For you Virgos, our satellite is in a difficult position on this last day of the weekend… Be careful when you talk about topics that could offend the sensitivity of those in front of you. You may be too blunt and offend people, even if unintentionally!


On the day dedicated to relaxation, for Libra, the night star is in a positive moment… Your way of relating to people puts a smile on everyone’s lips (apart from the usual envious ones). Appear generous and can be of great help to someone who will be grateful to you.


For your Water sign, the nocturnal star passes through the second astrological house, on the day dedicated to rest. Try to reconnect with someone who has given you good pointers in the past but now seems a little lost. You have so much to discuss.


Today, a suggestive conjunction of the nocturnal star is underway, for you from Sagittarius. Anyone who hangs out with you will notice your positive, almost good mood, and will think it would be nice to spend more time with you. Who are you to deny the pleasure of your presence?


Saying things straight should be appreciated. However, at least on Sundays, you should be more diplomatic. For you, Capricorns, the Moon is in the House of the unconscious, on the day of rest. There is the risk of passing for people who are too straightforward, and who don’t know what tact is.


The pleasant position of our satellite continues during the day dedicated to relaxation… Your way of acting is characterized by a certain generosity, and not only from an economic point of view. You will be able to give good ideas, judgments, and suggestions, which will be returned to you with interest.


“For your Water sign, a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star continues today. Are you sure that all these judgments about others are being asked of you? Yesterday you complained if people talked about you; today, it is you who are giving opinions that perhaps you are not asked…”

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