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Today’s Horoscope 4th July 2023


Today, Aries will have to keep their attention on serious, unpleasant, or boring topics, on bureaucratic, organizational, or professional details. On this day, it is better not to plan games, entertainment, and romantic events. A burst of creative energy is unlikely. Until the evening, some irritating factor connected with the past and preventing you from moving forward freely may remain in force.


Today, fate gives Taurus time to strengthen their position and confirm their rights. In addition to personal luck, most Taurus will have external moral support. Many Taurus will have friends and patrons away from home. Perhaps former teachers or students will become a support group. Success will often be determined by worldview. It is better not to delay things until the evening, the supply of luck may run out.


Today stars are advising Gemini to deal with the critical facets of their situation. If there are no reasons for concern, it does not hurt to take care of the future, for example, to carry out inspection and preventive maintenance in the area of ​​interest. It is worth remembering the not-too-comfortable emotional background of the day, it can lead to incredulity or despondency. The best source of peace is protected “rear”.


Cancers should remember that today not everything depends on their eloquence, the mood of the interlocutor (audience) is no less important. Do not be surprised if sometimes others are out of sorts, even if most issues are agreed upon. If you need to continue yesterday’s dialogue, it is better to do it in the morning. In the evening, one of your friends may change their mind, or perhaps your mood will suddenly change.


Before evening, the stars advise Leo to do routine, including boring and unpleasant. Don’t neglect your daily responsibilities. Meticulousness about health does not interfere. The day is suitable for keeping track of incomplete or poor-quality work that may be the cause of failures or residual ailments. At the end of the day, it is undesirable to immediately respond to external signals and challenges.


Today, Virgos feel more confident until evening. The situation may not seem too optimistic, but the tactics chosen one day will certainly lead to great success. The shadows of the past that have arisen on this day will remind you of useful life experiences, especially in the field of profession, hobby, personal life, or raising children. By night, a surprise is not ruled out in connection with work, health, or a pet.


Libra stars warn of the discomfort that this day can create for them. The mood can be spoiled by household, professional, or psychological hitches. Previous housing problems, past difficulties in the family or marriage, and difficulties in communicating with superiors, colleagues, subordinates or household staff can once again remind them of themselves. Old ailments may return today.


Today, Scorpions are helped to navigate in the environment by their many years of previous experience or the wisdom of people from their environment, especially elders and relatives. Thanks to such support, many Scorpios will feel good when there is an unfavorable psychological atmosphere. However, at the end of the day, they may be deprived of such protection, in the evening they may be in for a home or other surprise.


Today, the stars are advising Sagittarians not to leave unattended issues related to old stocks and old debts. Topics related to inheritance, investment in housing, or professional earnings may become relevant. It is better to put things in order in these areas before evening, as other interests may appear at the end of the day. On this day, it is not recommended to buy new things.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to postpone undertakings and engage only in those projects that have already been given a successful start: positive inertia will work in them and intuition will not fail. The main task of this day is not progress in business, but maintaining peace of mind, and combating negative associations and forebodings, which is especially important for Capricorns born in mid-January.


Today, Aquarius is better to wait for a little with new things and extra activity. On this day, working capacity is low, an unpleasant plot of the past or a chronic illness may remind of itself. Until the evening, pessimism in connection with domestic or professional affairs is not ruled out. At the end of the day, it’s important not to give in to your impulse without considering its consequences: they can be massive and add problems.


This day can bring disappointment to Pisces or confirm their worst suspicions. But they are unlikely to experience severe stress since such a state of affairs will not come as a surprise to them. These days, it is better to refrain from personal undertakings and inclusion in collective projects. It is good to get rid of the remaining illusions: the forces that went into feeding them will be freed up for the development of real plans.

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