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Today’s Horoscope 15th May 2023


Starting this Monday, for the Arietini, there is a harmonious aspect of the nocturnal star. In this middle of the month, you can start something completely new, which will give you new life and make you appear more interesting in any context, including the emotional one.


For you Taurus, the Moon is in the astrological House of trials to overcome, starting today. Be careful not to commit imprudence when returning to work. You are very self-confident, but you may slightly overestimate yourself, encouraged by someone…


On this day, an advantageous aspect of the Moon is formed for Gemini! The new week finds you much more communicative than the weekend just ended. With colleagues, you will be able to joke more than usual, and certain friendships will strengthen…


On a lucky day for your sign, the nocturnal star enters an uncomfortable position for Cancer. You are too stubborn and don’t realize that if you listened to others, you would be much more successful and would struggle less. Return to work is easier if you work as a team.


Starting from this beginning of the week, the Moon transits in a favorable aspect for your Fire sign! The middle part of May finds you very energetic. If you don’t exercise physically, this may finally be the right time to get moving and get back on track.


Starting from this day, for you Virgos, the tiring position of the Moon ends! You have to make it up to someone you have treated sufficiently in recent days. Now you are more communicative and whoever talks to you does not feel neglected at all.


Our satellite has been in dissonant opposition for you Librans since the beginning of the week. Do not be angry if someone wrongs you. Returning to work is difficult for everyone: before reacting, try to understand the intentions behind the behavior of others.


Starting with the beginning of this week, the Moon is in the House of Health and Work for your Water sign! The resumption of professional activities is less contrasted than you feared. You are very shrewd and you are also noticed in private contexts, where you are asked for advice.


For you Sagittarius, our satellite is in easy aspect, starting this Monday… You can go where others dare not. You can take on a difficult task. Not because you are selfless, but because it will become apparent that you can be a leader in your field!


Today, a complicated position of the Moon begins for Capricorn… You are not happy when you resume work. It takes a more relaxed attitude. Don’t take too many risks either in your emotional life, where you appear a little too impulsive and where you might say too much.


Starting from the beginning of this week, for your Air sign, there is a favorable position of the night star… You will be appreciated, in the work environment, thanks to your frank and direct way of doing things, which leaves room for interpretation and that solves problems!


For you Pisces, the night star is in the house of money at the beginning of the week! Don’t overdo it if you have to go shopping or if you want to commit to an investment. Your ambition may be disproportionate to what reality offers.

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