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Today’s Horoscope 4th March 2023


A pleasant aspect of our satellite continues, for you Aries, on this weekend day. Even today there will be opportunities to please people who are not at all indifferent to you. People are very happy with how you pose, as a way of doing as well as dressing.


On this first day of the weekend, for you Taurus, a difficult aspect of the Moon continues. It will be a Saturday where you may feel so superior to others that, in the end, they screw you over. Be more attentive to what people say about you: dangerous misunderstandings can be created.


Continues a moment in which you can show yourself in the eyes of a person who has decidedly exclusive tastes. Today, the night star is in easy time. You can give a boost to a complicated situation, which was inexorably stuck, and which will finally stop torturing you.


There will be times when you feel like doing some serious shopping, confident that – one way or another – you’ll be fine. Are you sure? The Moon, your guiding star, transits, through your sign of Water, in the House of material goods, on this weekend day.


The nocturnal star is always in pleasant conjunction, for you Leoncini, this Saturday! If you’re single and looking, don’t hesitate to wear something that highlights your physique. You will notice your positive energies, in addition to your beauty!


For Virgo, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological house of unforeseen difficulties today. You feel above the parties. Locked in your ivory tower, however, you won’t notice that someone is speaking ill of you, taking advantage of the relaxed Saturday atmosphere.


On the day of the week that is positive for you, a harmonious moment of the Moon continues, for your Air sign… On this Saturday, you can afford the luxury of drawing the people you like into a new activity. With your partner, there are new games and adventures to experience.


On this first day of the weekend, for Scorpio, a complicated aspect of the nocturnal star is taking place… The people you like best would like to see you less contemptuous. Instead, it seems you have something to say about everyone! Better to be more accommodating in the evening.


A positive position of the night star continues for your Fire sign today. It’s a weekend where you can make sparks, with people who turn you on. Your way of doing this is charismatic. A very pleasant person will make no secret of reciprocating your attention.


A period of rapprochement continues with someone who in the past had given you great satisfaction, and who returns to be positive for your life… The night star is in the Field of metamorphosis, for you Capricorn, on the day of the week that is favorable for you!


A period continues in which you seem less inspired than usual. Our satellite is in difficult opposition, for you Aquarius, on a lucky day for your sign… You should avoid trying to be right at all costs, in the company of people who know more than you.


You are very passionate and you are desirable in the eyes of both someone you already know and a person you will meet fresh in the evening, assuming you don’t (mistakenly) hole up at home! Our satellite is in the Field of feelings, for Pisces, today.

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