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Today’s Horoscope 21st June 2023


Starting from this early summer day, for you Aries, the Sun is in a dissonant position. In the coming hot weeks, you will be too pessimistic even in circumstances where you have nothing to fear. Try to be more assertive with people you like.


In the middle of the week, our star enters a pleasant moment for your Earth sign! The summer season will find you very close to the people who are important to your life. In love, your devotion will be considered reassuring and will facilitate moments of intimacy…


The Sun is in the field of economies, for Gemini, starting from the day that is favorable to you! Summer finds you ready to take up certain professional challenges, which will make you more satisfied. Colleagues help you with your tasks. The person who makes your heart beat speaks to you the most.


As of this Wednesday, our star is in a pleasant conjunction for you Cancers. The new season finds you full of inventiveness, which you can exploit in all existential contexts, professional as well as personal. You will know how to live the days with a touch of originality.


Your star governor, the Sun, enters the twelfth house, for you Leoncini, in the middle of the week. Be careful not to eat in places you don’t trust a thousand percent. For the next few weeks, your stomach will be quite delicate. Smile more: someone finds you pessimistic.


In the middle of the week, a tasty aspect of the Sun is formed for Virgo. The inventiveness, which will characterize your ideas in the coming weeks, will make you feel different from the others and, possibly, better. The people you spend the most time with find you funnier than usual.


Starting today, there is a dissonant aspect to our star, for you Libras. Summer comes in and finds you not very independent. One person in particular even finds you sticky! Be more independent and you will achieve greater satisfaction in all contexts.


An easy position of the Sun is starting, for you Scorpios… The summer season renews the most sensitive sides of your character. You will be able to do your best at work, where you will understand some long-standing problems before others. There will be renewed understanding with friends.


Starting this Wednesday, the difficult transit of the Sun for your Fire sign ends! The first part of summer finds you willing to do completely new things, with an artistic spirit that not everyone expected. Your way of acting is driving.


A dissonant aspect of our star forms, for your Earth sign, with the arrival of summer… The next few weeks will be characterized by a certain instability. Your loved one would like to see you more consistent and independent. Know how to give your best despite everything!


For Aquarius, the Sun transits the house of daily life, starting today. Summer promises to be very practical: you are relaxed both in your way of thinking and in your way of acting. There is recognized a kindness that is not found around so much, and that pleases.


For you Pisces, our star has been in a tasty transit since this Wednesday… Summer finds you optimistic and, in some moments, quite romantic. You will impress someone a little disappointed with dating apps, thanks to a slightly old-fashioned but always effective way of doing things.

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