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Today’s Horoscope 5th April 2023


Can’t you focus your attention only on people who have a positive influence on your life? A disharmonious aspect of the Moon continues, for you Aries, in the middle of the week… You have to show yourselves more concentrated, if not affectionate.


In the middle of the week, for your sign, our satellite passes through the astrological house of attraction… Know how to carve out the right time to dedicate to passion. Whether you are in a stable relationship or looking for an adventure, you will find something for your teeth.


People close to you like to hear your opinions. For you Geminis, our satellite is in a comfortable aspect, on the day favorable to your sign. There will be moments of great sociability even with someone who has not had the pleasure of knowing you intimately.


Don’t be anxious if a more complex than usual task falls into your hands. In the middle of the week, for you Cancers, a difficult aspect of your patron star is underway. If you don’t panic, however, you can give your fair contribution both at work and in private.


You are fascinating, thanks to your elegant way of acting and a way of speaking that arouses curiosity. A positive aspect of the nocturnal star persists, today for you Leos… Your originality is sought after in the professional environment. You will be seen as very practical characters.


This Wednesday, for you Virgos, the Moon is always in the House of material goods… The opportunities to earn or, at least, to spend well continue. A family member will then give you information that will be very useful for dealing with a complex situation…


A moment continues in which you have a lot to say, and in which people listen to you attentively. On this day, there is a suggestive conjunction of our satellite, for Libra… You are full of good ideas, which you should use to take a few steps forward.


Indecision prevents you from seeing a great career opportunity, but you’d have to give up an aspect of your life to pursue it. In the middle of the week, the Moon is in the twelfth astrological house, for your sign of Water. Tackle one problem at a time.


In the middle of the week, our satellite is in harmonic transit, for you Sagittarius… The people you meet in your professional life will tend to trust your judgment more. You will know how to differentiate yourself from the crowd thanks to an intellectual curiosity that is visible to everyone.


Followed an unpleasant aspect of our satellite, for Capricorn, today. If something at work doesn’t go right away, don’t act anxious. Nervousness would make it worse, while you have plenty of time to make things right with a little help from others.


This Wednesday, a comfortable transit of the Moon persists. You will know how to be very objective in judging a matter that only affects you relatively, but on which you are asked for an opinion. With whom you like, you will know how to be fun and in the evening you could spend moments of passion.


A period of renewal continues, in which you can look around and seriously ask yourself who or what is right for you. For your Water sign, the night star passes through the House of Change today. Know how to embrace the new with the right conviction.

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