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Today’s Horoscope 5th July 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to live not only in momentary events but also in the future. The day allows you to show dexterity, conduct an experiment, and choose an original alternative in case of the impossibility of a standard solution to the problem. A surprise from friends is not ruled out. The maneuvers may require additional funds here and now, but the motivation in the form of revenue growth in the long term is quite possible.


Today, Taurus can amaze others with sudden swings in their moods and unusual desires, a craving for adventure, experimentation, or freedom. The more power, authority, and resources they have, the bigger their adventures will be. Under the influence of a whim, an extravagant act is possible, for example, a job change. Many Taurus will act under the influence of friends or in their interests.


Today, Gemini has support in the form of friendship and a worldview that connects with friends, but it will not always be strong. Sudden changes in the behavior of friends are not ruled out. Foreign partners, sponsors, and financial organizations can surprise. There may be additional unforeseen expenses due to travel, study, or other plans. It’s good to have an alternative course of action.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to avoid being too isolated, to be around friends, or follow the news. Do not be afraid of an unexpected turn of events, it is beneficial for the future. Perhaps it is thanks to him that there is an original solution to an ambiguous problem. But planned actions and unnecessary impromptu should still be avoided: they are fraught with unrest and risks, including material ones.


Today, the events around them are important for Lions, while the “viewing range” depends on their personal needs and the range of current interests. Some Leos may be worried about large-scale world-class incidents, others – the affairs of close friends, relatives, the situation in marriage, or prospects at work. A sharp moment in relations with a group of people on which a career or achievement of a goal depends is not excluded.


Today, the stars are advising Virgos to prioritize work and daily responsibilities, as well as health. Perhaps the volume of tasks will increase, but with it, the enthusiasm will grow. Inspiration will add a moral or material incentive, for example, the prospect of going abroad or expanding your opportunities. In any case, relationships with friends are valuable. Good for updates.


For Libra, this day will be more successful if they are set up for creativity or experimentation. It is suitable for unusual events, especially those related to freelancing, creativity, the needs of children, and personal life. Excesses of any kind can present a potential problem, as well as additional costs (you may have to draw funds from collective resources or contribute to a common project).


This day can bring Scorpios an increase in household chores or additional business in a group of interests. Many Scorpios will have to put collective needs first, not their habits. Unexpected guests in the house or news in the family are possible. An exciting moment in a love story or marital relationship is not ruled out. It is important not to escalate disagreements, not to quarrel with friends and patrons.


Today, exciting events can occur around Sagittarians that cause them a generally positive response but can create certain inconveniences for them in current affairs and disrupt their usual schedule. Trouble may be added, and an update, expansion, or experimentation may be required. But there is also a chance for good surprises, such as a part-time job or an offer of additional help.


This day can push Capricorns to unexpected additional expenses, one or another original acquisition. The stars are advised not to give in to a random impulse and weigh the practical benefits of such impulses, as there is a high probability of spending your resources and time on something too extravagant. It is not always worth indulging your whims or yielding to the whims of friends, children, and loved ones.


Today, Aquarius can be more than usually dependent on their habits, moods, and whims. Many representatives of the sign will be let down by a sense of proportion. They may develop a propensity for extravagance, a tendency to overeat, and an insistent desire to renew or expand their possessions. Depending on the relationship with loved ones, they may quarrel with them because of a difference of views or impose their guardianship on them.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to follow the events in society or an interest group, as well as in their work team or in another environment where the principles of collectivism matter. For important undertakings and responsible affairs, the moment is not right. Unless there are special circumstances and an urgent need, it is better not to take a personal part in the games being played around and remain in the position of an observer.

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