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Today’s Horoscope 6th June 2023


This Tuesday, for you Arietini, followed a difficult aspect of our satellite. He will find you a bit snobbish at times when it would be better to appear more humble. Especially at work, there is a need to listen to others with modesty, which will also help in love.


Today, there is a positive disposition of the nocturnal star for the Bulls. Your loyalty is evident and is noticed by both colleagues and superiors. If there is a trusted task to be performed, they will try to involve you. You are ready? Even in love, your words are trusted more.


For you Geminis, our satellite is in the Astrological House of Reform today. Compared to the past days, when it seemed that things were happening without you realizing it, you are much more intuitive. You will be able to easily recognize if someone is interested in you.


This Tuesday, for Cancer, a disharmonious moment of our satellite is taking place… You are a little too negative even in some circumstances where things are not as bad as you think. Try to see the brightest side of life and things will immediately improve.


For your Fire sign, the Moon is in the House of Duties today… You’ll be able to take care of every chore, even the typically more boring ones. You will also know how to unravel a matter that kept everyone on their toes. Thanks to your diplomacy, you will be able to obtain essential help.


A positive aspect of our satellite is underway, for your Earth sign, this day… Compared to the past few weeks, you will get along much better with people. In a hitherto turbulent relationship, you will know how to be more conciliatory and start much more interesting conversations.


For your Air sign, an unpleasant position of the Moon continues this Tuesday! Just you Libras, who know how to find balance in everything, will feel very closed in on yourselves. Your introversion is excessive and should give way to communication.


For Scorpio, a smooth aspect of our satellite is in progress, on the day favorable for your sign… At work, your dedication to your profession will be appreciated. Even in love, your will to do things and your ability to fix situations will be appreciated.


This Tuesday, for you Sagittarius, the night star is in the house of economies. Relatives find you very loyal and will confide in you something that has remained a little muted up until now, but which will interest you a lot. From this information, new and interesting activities will arise for you.


On this day, a tasty conjunction is formed between our satellite and your Earth sign… Your way of talking to people is very effective. You know how to put yourself in the interlocutor’s place to get the most out of the conversation. Empathy rewards you.


This Tuesday, for you Aquarians, the night star is in the astrological house of unexpected difficulties! If there’s something not working right, don’t be stubborn. Sometimes it’s best to leave it alone and try again later, or better yet, leave it at all.


On this day, for you Pisces, our satellite is in a positive moment… Especially in private matters, the fidelity of your behavior is appreciated. Certain doubts that your loved one had about you are dispelled. You don’t have to walk with leaden feet anymore!

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