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Today’s Horoscope 6th May 2023


You are very optimistic and your way of doing is pleasing to many people. Starting this weekend day, our satellite transits in a pleasant aspect for your Fire sign. Your smile will brighten a new person’s day.


The Moon is in the astrological house of metamorphosis, for you Taurus, from this weekend day. A period in which you were considered too aggressive is coming to an end. Return to the typical calm of your sign, which gives you a better relationship with people who are important to you.


For your Air sign, a tiring aspect of the nocturnal star begins this Saturday. If you want to cut your way into someone’s heart, you have to be patient. If you don’t wait for the right moment, you could pass for reckless people, who can be trusted very little.


For you Cancers, your guiding star, the Moon, shows up in the House of Duties today. Even if it’s Saturday, you might be trying to complete an idea or project that would be of great benefit to you. In love, your ability to experience eros as the protagonist is noticeable.


There is an easy aspect of the nocturnal star, for Leo, starting this Saturday… So a period ends in which you were too aggressive towards even the people you like. Now you know how to communicate more suitably for all circumstances and you like them better.


On this first day of the weekend, a complicated position of the Moon for Virgo begins… You are a little too direct when you talk to a person who turns out to be a little touchy. We need to be a little more diplomatic. Important messages will come either way.


Beginning with this weekend day, for Libra, there is a harmonic position of our satellite… Your concentration does not go unnoticed in the eyes of a person in charge of controlling others. You will know how to point out your right point of view.


Starting today, for you Scorpios, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological house of economies! Your constant quest for adventure might be a little too much in this context. Avoid risking too much and limit yourself to ordinary administration.


From this Saturday, the Moon is in good conjunction, with you Sagittarius! A new phase begins, which finds you protagonists. You are very adventurous and you will have no problem finding people who want to accompany you on your journey with the right conviction…


Pay attention, especially if you do physical activity, to the health of your legs. Our satellite is, for you Capricorns, in the House of Secret enemies, starting from the day that is favorable for you… You risk pain in your knees and calves. With your partner, you are too touchy.


For you Aquarius, a harmonious aspect of our satellite takes place, starting with the lucky day for your sign. End certain intimidating attitudes that had not put you in a good light recently. It is the case of trying to recover a relationship that had deteriorated.


On this first day of the weekend, the Moon enters a tiring position for your sign! Don’t be impatient if the things you hope for don’t come right away. You have the whole weekend to prepare the field for your sentimental offensives. The results will come in due time.

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