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Homeowners According To The Sign Of The Zodiac: Rating Of The Most Dangerous Women

The reasons for male infidelity can be very different. But no love triangle can exist without another woman who is your rival. Got into a similar situation? You should not immediately throw a scandal at your man or, conversely, give up without a fight. Try to find out which zodiac sign the alleged homeowner belongs to. And then, knowing the psycho-type of your opponent, you will be able to develop the right strategy of action.

By calling on astrology to help, you can easily get rid of your rival! We invite you to study a brief description of the lovers of all zodiac signs.

Lovers by Zodiac sign: Lovers of the elements of Water

These are the most dangerous lovebirds of the entire horoscope. And all because they are very romantic and emotional, mysterious and sexy. Scorpio is the most dangerous lover among all the signs of Water! This is a femme fatale, sexy and smart at the same time. It is very difficult to defeat such a rival: a man almost instantly becomes her victim. The Scorpio woman is a born psychologist and manipulator. She immediately sees weaknesses and hits them. The main drawback of such a homeowner is her commercialism. Prove to a man stunned by emotions that she values ​​him most of all for money, and the “scorpion” will immediately fail.

Pisces  – is a real mermaid! Her strengths are intelligence, intuition, and sensuality. But this lovebird also has weak points – amorousness and inconstancy. She does not know how to love one man for a long time. Even at a distance and platonically. Therefore, you only need to open the man’s eyes to her infidelity. And their romance will end before it even begins.

Cancer  – skillfully wears the mask of an angel in the flesh. In the eyes of men, she looks like an eternal girl, modest and defenseless. Next to her, any man, even the weakest, feels like at least Hercules. Such a rival needs to be provoked – when the mask flies off, her true nature will appear. Razluchnitsa-Cancer in the fight for a man behaves too cold-bloodedly and does not know shame at all. Seeing her true face, the man himself will run away to hell.

Lovers by the sign of the Zodiac: Lovers of the elements of Fire

These women strive for independence at any cost. And although they are sure that this is their strength, the love of freedom often turns the other side of the coin to them. As a result, there are many single and divorced women among the fiery ladies, which makes them potential participants in a love triangle.

Sagittarius  – is the most prudent of the fire signs of the zodiac. She catches men on mutual understanding and sympathy. The Sagittarius woman is always ready to listen to all his complaints and never hangs herself around her neck. Such a rival can only be defeated by independence and wit. Her biggest weakness is her overwhelming desire to control a man. Do you want to defeat your opponent? Do not be like her, asking your husband a bunch of uncomfortable questions – where, when, and with whom were you? Be calm and a little cool. This contrast will only benefit you.

Aries  – is a self-confident and rude homeowner. This huntress and Amazon always behave very actively, skillfully lassoing your man like a wild Mustang. How to deal with it? Just piss her off – in anger and a fit of aggression, she ceases to be shy in expressions, which looks simply disgusting. Such tactics will quickly open a man’s eyes to the true nature of his rival.

Leo  – jealous of luck and charm, success and prosperity. If she has her eye on someone else’s man, then she is unlucky in her personal life. With any failure, all gloss flies from her very quickly, and she turns into a vulgar woman from the market. And one more thing: if your husband coveted such a lady, it means that he lacks brightness and grandeur in you. Change your image at least for a while!

Razluchnitsy by the sign of the Zodiac: Razluchnitsy elements of the Earth

These women are very stubborn. They go to the intended target, like a tank division. They are cautious and tactically strong. If necessary, they can wait indefinitely and sit in ambush, calculating each step.

Taurus  – is a Woman with a capital letter. But behind her outward femininity, grooming, and accuracy, a carefully thought-out strategy is always hidden. She knows how to retreat in time, waiting for a more convenient moment to attack. But she has big problems with fantasy, so time is the best weapon against such a rival. In addition, the Taurus woman demands stability too insistently, and this can scare away any man.

Capricorn  – extremely rarely finds herself in the role of a homemaker. Capricorns are unlikely to fight for a man – they have completely different life values, which from early youth are painted and sorted out. A Capricorn woman is more likely to agree to a marriage proposed by her parents than to war for someone else’s man.

Virgo  – is also a rare option in adultery. This woman is too proper to be a mistress. It is unlikely that your husband will be seriously carried away by such a special person. But if this has already happened, it is useless to fight it – it means that they have true love!

Lovers by the sign of the Zodiac: Lovers of the elements of Air

Representatives of the elements of Air become homeowners based on personal failures. Their main problem is that in any man they first see a Superman, but upon closer examination, they are very disappointed. A strange husband for such women is a real mystery, so most often they are driven by keen curiosity.

Libra  – this lovebird is dangerous for her diplomacy and intuition. Such a person skillfully weaves intrigues but never takes the initiative first. Most of all, such a rival is afraid of direct claims and attacks, as well as frank conversations on the topic “What do you need from my husband?”. She is not a fighter, so she will immediately go to the side. Looking for someone free…

Gemini  – is a frivolous rival. She will not fight with you for a long time, because a new object has already appeared on her horizon! Such a homeowner has big problems with constancy. If your husband reached out to such a woman, consider that she simply bewitched him … Anyway, she won’t be enough for a long time!

Aquarius  – is the rarest type among women of love. Such a woman is very democratic. She needs male friendship more than to recapture someone else’s husband at any cost. Aquarius will not deliberately break relationships – this is too troublesome. In addition, she always has enough fans!

Now you know how to deal with any homeowner, knowing who she is according to the horoscope. But still try to start with yourself! Build a relationship with your man, initially based on harmony and understanding. And then you will never have to study the horoscopes of your rivals! Now you know who the most dangerous homemade are according to the sign of the Zodiac.

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