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Today’s Horoscope 7th June 2023


There is a nice Moon aspect to Aries starting today. You will have very original ideas, which will allow you to obtain unusual satisfaction in your profession and your private life. You have a new charm, which everyone recognizes and which makes you very charming.


Since this Wednesday, a tiring aspect of our satellite is underway, for you Taurus. Just you, who are known for your mild character, could appear rebellious for no particular reason. Don’t be dismissive when your partner gives you advice they care about.


On this day, an advantageous position of our satellite begins for you Gemini. At work, you will be appreciated for your intellectual honesty, which allows you to gain the trust of the people you work with. The superiors are interested in your work.


For you Cancers, the Moon, your star governor, shows itself in the House of Reconstitution, in the middle of the week… A period of negativity has therefore ended which was not good for you or those around you. You will even be able to make wise decisions that your superiors will appreciate.


A disharmonious position of our satellite begins, in the middle of the week… It is known that you little lions have a high opinion of yourselves. But that shouldn’t make you look a little humble! More modesty is needed, especially with a person you like and who doesn’t like pride.


For you, Virgos, the nocturnal star shows itself in the astrological house of everyday life today… You are very insightful in practical matters. You are also very good at intimacy. Your partner senses this and wants to spend a central part of the week in closer contact with you!


In the middle of the week, a comfortable position of the nocturnal star starts for you Libras… Both at work and when you talk to those who interest you, you will appear very intelligent and make choices that highlight you. It’s the right time to demand an improvement.


In the middle of the week, the Moon shows itself in a disharmonious position, for you Scorpio… The people you like the most find you not very communicative, almost arrogant. You should try not to bring up the fact that, lately, you always think you know more than anyone.


Starting this Wednesday, for Sagittarius, there is a pleasant position for our satellite. You are seen as a person of great integrity whose principles do not bend based on circumstances. This way of being of yours is considered positively by your superiors.


Our satellite shows itself in the field of material goods, for Capricorn… You will have very original ideas, as far as the economic aspect of life is concerned. You are insightful and understand things before others. However, don’t get too caught up in enthusiasm, and don’t risk too much.


Today, a beautiful Moon conjunction begins for your Air sign! You know how to surround yourself with the right people. You are quite selective and know how to focus your energies on who can help you get to the top. The understanding with a special person is renewed.


From today, the nocturnal star transits, for you Pisces, in the House of Secret enemies… You must be careful of those who approach you in a friendly way, but in reality, have the intention of stealing a secret from you. Your distractions in interpersonal relationships are not allowed today!

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