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Today’s Horoscope 7th March 2023


For the Arietini, Saturn, the star of discipline, is in the astrological house of unforeseen difficulties, starting from this day. It is a change that needs to be faced with the utmost attention. Especially at work, you have to be careful not to confide too much in those you don’t know well.


The world of work finds you more successful than usual, given that you have a particular intuition, which allows you to achieve successes for which others are not up to par. For the Bulls, an advantageous aspect to Saturn is underway, starting this Tuesday! You will be almost prescient!


Be careful not to lose your will to do it! This Tuesday, for you Geminis, a dissonant position of the planet of perseverance, Saturn, begins. This is an important transit, which you should face by trying to see the good in all situations…


Important dynamics in your life change. There is a positive aspect of Saturn, the star of discipline, for you Cancers, starting today… You will be able to be very intuitive in very important fields of existence, starting with love, where you are empathetic as few times in the past.


For Leo, the planet of discipline, Saturn enters the astrological house of reconstruction on this day. It, therefore, emerges from a transit that made you rather ethereal, and which prevented you from giving the right answers to those who expected your collaboration…


On this day, a complicated aspect of the planet of rigor, Saturn, begins for you Virgos. Especially in a professional environment, you will have to appear more credible in the eyes of someone who does not seem to trust your words too much. Argue your ideas!


For you Librans, the planet of rigor, Saturn, is in the House of daily life today… It is an important change, which could make the consolidated mechanisms of daily life more difficult. Know how to accept change with optimism.


On a lucky day for your sign, a pleasant position of Saturn, a star of rigor, starts for you Scorpios. It is an important aspect, which allows you to experience complicated situations with ease that is denied to others. You will also know how to live your profession with optimism.


For you Sagittarius, there is an unpleasant position of the planet of discipline, Saturn, starting today! Don’t be discouraged if people don’t seem to listen too much to your ideas. Even in love, if you find the right words, you will find the right interlocutors.


There is a major change in the firmament. Saturn, star of perseverance, is in favorable transit for you Capricorn, starting today… Certain impetuous, if not impulsive ways of acting give way to a more understanding way of being, which makes you win friends.


You will know well how to behave when the opportunity arises to conclude a purchase you have been aiming for some time. For your sign of Air, Saturn is in the house of money today… You will be very smart and you will avoid past mistakes even in family life.


A completely new journey begins. For you Pisces, a pleasant aspect of Saturn, the star of perseverance, is taking place from this Tuesday. The planet appears in this position very rarely, and it does exactly to renew your existence radically.

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