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Today’s Horoscope 7th May 2023


Starting from this day, an uncomfortable aspect of the star of love and friendship occurs for you Arietini. Venus finds you a bit sticky toward a person who would like more margins of freedom. And usually you Arietini are the independent ones!


On this last day of the weekend, a favorable aspect of the planet of love begins for the Trellis. You will be very approachable towards people who do not like those who push themselves too much. By doing so, you will earn the trust of a person who has so much to offer.


On this day, the planet of love and friendship shows itself in the Field of Material Goods, for Gemini. If you have a certain medium or long-term goal, you must try to persevere. One might think that you don’t know how to show yourselves coherent, especially in feelings.


Starting from this day of rest, for Cancer, the star of affection is in suggestive conjunction. A period begins in which you can meet new and pleasant people, and in which you can learn more about people who like you but with whom there is not yet the spark that you would like.


The planet of feelings enters the twelfth house, for your Fire sign, on the day that is favorable to your sign… You should have greater confidence in your means. Some make you believe that you cannot obtain, in your emotional life, a result that would be within your reach.


For you Virgos, a comfortable position on the planet of feelings forms, on the day of rest… You will, in the coming weeks, be the center of attention of people who love the kindest people. For once, your good character has had undoubted successes.


Starting from this last day of the weekend, for you Libras, a disharmonious aspect of the planet of affections is underway… You must try to live your feelings more lightly. Making drama out of every disagreement won’t help you achieve your goals sooner!


On the day dedicated to rest, a tasty position of the star of feelings begins, for your Water sign! Venus, therefore, makes you very awake and makes you understand what a person thinks of you who, by character and strategy, never reveals his feelings about him.


For you, Sagittarius, the star of feelings shows itself in the astrological house of renewal this Sunday… In love, things get simpler. More believable results. You will recover the trust of those who, in recent weeks, had found you too much of a butterfly…


Starting from this last day of the weekend, for you Capricorns, a dissonant position of the star of love takes place… Your sign is generally considered reliable but, in the coming weeks, your loved one could think that you are fickle in your manifestations of love.


For your sign of Air, Venus transits the house of daily life, starting today. Your evenings with friends will be much more successful! Passionately connotes you positively and puts you at the center of the attention of a person with sensuality.


The planet of affection is in a pleasant aspect, for Pisces, starting from the day dedicated to rest… Your empathy will be appreciated. A person who usually feels misunderstood will find you as an important point of reference. Feel honored by this result!

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