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Today’s Horoscope 8th March 2023


This Wednesday, an unpleasant aspect of the Moon is forming for Aries… Now that Saturn is in a complex position, you don’t have to expect to do everything by yourself. Women’s Day finds you a little too much of a butterfly: show yourself more focused on your loved one.


On this day, for Taurus, our satellite enters the House of daily chores. You will know how to be very balanced when it comes to shopping or when it seems time to invest. Your ideas, in general, seem taken with their heads on their shoulders.


Someone who seemed to have forgotten about you comes back to think about you. For Gemini, an advantageous position of our satellite is underway, starting with the day dedicated to ladies… Your intelligence allows you to obtain excellent satisfaction in your professional life.


You are not focused on the really important people in life. An uncomfortable aspect of the night star is underway for your Water sign, starting this Wednesday! The people close to you would like to see you more consistent with your promises.


From this Wednesday, for you Leoncini, the Moon passes in a comfortable moment… You appear very intelligent, in the professional environment, and sexy in your private life. If you celebrate Women’s Day, know that there will be important eye crossings with someone who makes your head spin.


On the day dedicated to women, your mind will be kidnapped by a shopping opportunity you’ve been waiting for for a long time. In the middle of the week, the nocturnal star enters the House of Finance for Virgo. Even in investments, they become more profitable than you hoped. Don’t let opportunities slip away.


Today, for your Air sign, an elegant conjunction of the nocturnal star is starting, after a period of uncertainty! Women’s Day finds you ready to change relationships that weren’t evolving for the better. You will be convincing even with hard-headed people!


For Scorpio, our satellite transits through the astrological house of dark obstacles, from this day… Indecision could grip you and prevent you from obtaining the success you deserve. If you keep a certain direction, you will succeed in any context.


Starting from this day, for your Fire sign, there is an easy position of the night star. You are very sociable. During Women’s Day, you will know how to have fun. If no one organizes anything, take a step forward and make your beautiful ideas known!


You are not very credible, given that you expose yourself little. Starting today, a difficult aspect of the night star is underway for Capricorn! Leave your natural snobbery alone for a while and work towards having a frank relationship with the people you like best.


For you Aquarius, the Moon is in easy aspect, starting today! You will be able to talk to everyone and many will find you interesting. In particular, get the attention of someone who wants to talk to people as smart as you, but has been let down lately.


After Saturn, the Moon also brings important transformations to your daily life, which had recently been too complex. For you Pisces, the nocturnal star enters the astrological house of transformation, on women’s day. Will you be able to face change with philosophy?

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