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Today’s Horoscope 9th April 2023


For your Fire sign, there is an easy position of the night star, starting from this Easter day. You will be very cheerful and pleasant. You will win the sympathy of a person who is close to him but who, secretly, has a lot to offer …


A period in which you appeared excessive from so many points of view is coming to an end. From Easter day, the complicated lunar transit is resolved, for you Torelli… You will be more optimistic and you will win the sympathy of someone you have not seen for some time and who comes back with the holidays.


You are too blunt when talking to someone who is more touchy than average. Especially if he is an elderly person, you risk making a bad impression in this conversation. At Easter, therefore, a tiring aspect of the nocturnal star is formed, for you Geminis.


At Easter, your positivity is appreciated, which leads you to be liked even by people who have never shown a particular affinity. Starting from the day of celebration, your star governor transits, for you from Cancer, in the House of Health and work.


After a period in which it seemed difficult for you to feel in tune with people, there come days in which understanding is easy to achieve. There is a comfortable aspect of the night star, for you Leos, starting this Easter day. You will be able to use the right words with anyone.


Don’t be rash in making a decision that could have important repercussions for your life and that of those closest to you. For you Virgos, there is a tiring position of the Moon, starting from Easter day. Try to go deeper.


An advantageous position of the nocturnal star is starting for Libra this Easter Sunday. Nice and cheerful results in the eyes of people you haven’t seen for a while, and who will think you are very pleasant to be around. Good news for those looking for a partner.


Family members appreciate the sincerity with which you engage in all conversations today. On Easter day, for your Water sign, the Moon shows itself in the second house… You are very communicative and you can learn a lot from the people you deal with today.


At Easter, a beautiful conjunction of our satellite begins. You want to indulge yourself and find fertile ground in a loved one who accompanies you on your adventures. You don’t only hang out with relatives today: your way of presenting yourself is pleasant to an illustrious stranger.


On this day of celebration, for you, the Moon shows itself in the astrological House of hidden difficulties. Know how to wait for the right moment to say something important to someone you care about. You risk being untimely and not catching him in the right mood for certain information.


Today, our satellite shows itself in a tasty aspect, for you Aquarius… You finally know how to make yourself appreciated by someone who does not go unnoticed. On Easter day, there will be relaxed relationships even with someone who historically doesn’t find you very nice, reciprocated.


A complicated aspect of the nocturnal star is underway, for you Minnows, starting from this Easter day… Be careful not to judge too harshly someone who is not doing anything to provoke you (at least not explicitly). It’s the perfect day to forgive mistakes…

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