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Why Do We Love To Hate Mercury Retrograde?

SOS Mercury retrograde! Each time, it’s the same story: the planet of the mind and exchanges sows discord in our lives. And yet, we love these moments of doubt and questioning. Here’s why.

As we grow up, the famous “It’s not me, it’s him” that Pisces dared to throw at us at recess becomes a “It’s not me, it’s Mercury retrograde ” finely hidden in a conversation on the machine coffee. How many astrology enthusiasts have you heard say these few words? Better yet, how many times have you tried to say it to excuse your choice: being late to your best friend’s birthday party when you were just hesitating about your outfit, forgetting to reply to a message because at the time you had something else to do or better, just your laziness? We’ll let you cross out the unnecessary entries… Because yes, we must admit, blaming the stars rather than ourselves is always simpler. It frees the mind, it relieves guilt, and above all, it feels good! We won’t lie to you, we too, at the editorial office, love to hate Mercury retrograde. So, we asked ourselves the question: where does this tough love come from?


Let’s go over the basics. Before you can have fun hating one of the most basic astrological phenomena, you must first understand it. Mercury retrograde is nothing other than a period of regression and withdrawal. Three times a year, more or less every 88 days, the star of communication and intellect changes trajectory. It enters orbit and gives the impression of turning around in the sky. During this period, all the energies of Mercury are then slowed down. It becomes more complex to have a clear mind. Communication problems, difficulty expressing oneself, loss of object, delay… The smallest daily task takes an intense turn.


Place your bets and buckle up. When Mercury goes retrograde, nothing goes right. The answer to this snowball effect? Blame the stars, of course! We must admit that it is sometimes good to know that we are not the only ones responsible for our troubles. Better, that there exists a culprit who only asks to be condemned for our little “mistakes”… In addition to freeing our minds, it could even make us believe a little more in astrology. How is it possible? All the vagaries of Mercury retrograde confirm established theories. By this, mean that if things go badly during Mercury retrograde, it is because its effects are “proven”. For scientists, thinking this way is nothing more than confirmation bias. You see what you want and it makes you feel good. A two-in-one 100% feels good!


Despite all the prerogatives, we hate Mercury retrograde as much as we love it. Because deep down, this planetary movement is good. A period of slowdown and withdrawal invites us to take time to rest and ask ourselves the right questions. Mercury retrograde is there to make us evolve, to help us highlight what is wrong or more, it make us aware of our strengths. What are the assets that allow us to find solutions, to adapt, to change? Mercury retrograde is there to awaken, sometimes in force or with complex situations, the strategist that lies dormant in us. It highlights our power.

So yes, we love to say that Mercury retrograde means harm to us and that maybe if that didn’t exist we wouldn’t have to run the streets with a shoe with a broken heel or suffer from a train delay. And at the same time, we thank her for being there to give us a good reason to complain or cancel our appointments at the last minute. So the next time you say, “It’s not me, it’s Mercury retrograde,” take a moment to say thank you to the most vibrant planet in the solar system.

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