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Today’s Horoscope 9th July 2023

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Today, Aries tend to defend their interests, but they may have little energy for action. Many Aries will be dependent on living conditions, household chores, or the psychological atmosphere in the family, on their conflicting desires. There will be pleasant moments and reasons for irritation. In current affairs, a hitch or a transitional phase is likely. There may be health problems.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to put aside important strategic tasks and live in the moment. This is not the time to use your authority and strive to the fore. Do not rush children, partners, and loved ones, they may have their reasons for delaying. It makes sense to keep healthy. In situations of this day, it is desirable to show speed, dexterity, diplomacy, and caution, not to linger anywhere.


Today, Gemini adapt well to circumstances, but are often guided by their secret considerations and remain “on their minds.” Many representatives of the sign will be absorbed in family, housing, or material affairs, which will make them not as sociable and easy-going as on other days. But if they want, they will find a way to be distracted and unwind, and not even alone.


The events of this day will force Cancers to leave their ideal world and plunge into momentary problems. Many Cancers will find themselves in an ambiguous situation, from which it is desirable for them to get out quickly and with the least loss to their reputation. It is better to postpone important matters, as there may not be enough energy to achieve the goal or the dexterity to keep it. Not the best moment for detailed meetings and long-term planning.


Today, the Lions will feel a surge of vivacity and optimism, but they may not have time to realize their impulse. In the current situation, they should use the rights and opportunities they already have, rather than start from scratch. Do not use your recent tactics, they are becoming obsolete. Balance of interests will help success, not stubbornness or previous pressure. It is important to become a diplomat in time or show off your charm.


Today, the stars strongly advise Virgos to restrain their impulses, even fair ones. It makes sense to postpone any undertaking, not to seek unnecessary adventures, and even at critical moments to use a minimum of risky tricks. In many situations, instead of belligerence and ardor, it is worth demonstrating a sense of humor first: this incident may be successfully exhausted.

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On this day, Libra may encounter someone else’s weakness or negligence. The people or tools they need may be temporarily absent, they will have to be left without a partner, assistant, or service. The main means of doing business for most Libra will be their diplomacy or charm. Many representatives of the sign will be helped by connections created through mutual sympathy or a common hobby.


Today, Scorpios are unlikely to be bored, as small chores, funny or dual situations await them. They may have to think about work, health, or daily responsibilities. In the vicissitudes of this day, it is important to quickly respond to incoming signals. At the same time, it is desirable to be more diplomatic so as not to spoil relations with authoritative people and good assistants due to trifles.


Today, the stars offer Sagittarius to relieve themselves of despondency, warm up emotionally or warm up physically. Undesirable is a long stay in a boring environment, a dark house, and a stuffy office, immersion in unpleasant thoughts. However, it makes sense to avoid excesses and be careful. It is better not to plan large-scale promotions, but simply to find a moment for something pleasant, for example, love or a hobby.


Today, Capricorns can expect business or household chores, which are not always pleasant. For them, the risk of returning to negative emotions, discouragement, and quarrels with a loved one, parent, marriage partner, or household increases. Beginnings may not give the desired effect, and failures demotivate. If possible, the stars recommend dealing with only essential trifles and postponing all important events.


Today, the success of Aquarians depends on the ability to quickly navigate the situation and notice not only the good aspects of the situation but also the signals of possible hidden troubles. Premonitions, messages, and trifles already familiar from the past will play an important role in this. It may not be worth canceling a maneuver, a trip, or a meeting, but it makes sense to insure yourself in advance if discomfort arises.


Today, Pisces can fail in current affairs if they are not dexterous and quick enough, too distracted and dreamy. Energetic Pisces should be careful not to fall into the trap and not face one of the problems of the past. Annoying ambiguous moments are possible even in a perfectly planned business. There is a possibility of unsuccessful purchases and hitches in mutual settlements.

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