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Horoscope: Why 2024 Is A Very Good Year To Get Married According To Astrology

All gardeners know that there are years with Mirabelle plums and others without a single fruit. In astrology, it’s the same thing: there are years to marriage. Here’s why 2024 is the perfect year to say “yes.”

Are you planning to get married in 2024? Congratulations, it’s a great choice of date. At least, according to astrology. Because this year is full of cosmic configurations that are more than beneficial for couples who wish to unite. In the sky, the stars align several times to create a particularly favorable climate for weddings. Have you planned everything, the caterer, the guest list, formal bans on embarrassing PowerPoints, and the flowers? But now, your wedding planner or you may have omitted a detail to determine the perfect wedding date: the opinion of the celestial vault. What do Venus and Jupiter say about it? We explain to you what makes 2024 the year of alliances par excellence.


Except for three dates which will be the “worst” for getting married, the year should allow romantic duos to navigate without any particular pitfalls. It must be said that Venus does not retrograde this year: in short, the way is clear. The planet of relationships (not just romantic) as well as commitment tends to soften things and make unions easier, in 2024. Especially since Jupiter in Taurus symbolizes prosperity and stability, the star of luck arrives at the end of May 2024 in the constellation Gemini. Here, duos and partnerships are in the spotlight: couples therefore benefit from the double good influence of Jupiter, whether it is the first part of the year or the second.


Around May 7th, 2024, no less than five planets will be united in the constellation Taurus. The Earth sign known for its need for long-term vision and security, both emotional and material, will welcome within it a group of planets promising a marriage. These are the Sun (expression), the Moon (security, emotions), Venus (relationships, commitment), Jupiter (luck, evolution), and Uranus (change). All the lights will be green on that day, to make an already existing relationship grow and evolve. Especially since Pluto and Saturn will give a transformative dimension to the couple who will reach the milestone of marriage around May 7th, 2024.

The end of May and the beginning of June are also a good time to plan a marital union since Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun will all be very close together in the sky. It is a sign of great luck and accomplishment: an ideal time to celebrate love with the people closest to us. The whole month of July will also be conducive to organizing a memorable wedding since the energies of Leo will give the Sun and Venus the desire to share, celebrate, and make it official. All are always under the very good eye of Jupiter who, from afar, grants his blessing and dispenses his good fortune. For fans of autumn, the start of September with Venus in Libra promises a more than harmonious ceremony. Well, that’s according to astrology: the best time to get married is the one you choose.

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