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Totem Animal That Guards Your Zodiac Sign!

Do you feel their power? Astrology is a very ancient and rather complex practice. Many do not know that each zodiac sign has its totem animal – and more than one. Here are the animals that correspond to each sign:

Aries: hawk and tiger.

As a representative of the fire sign of the Zodiac, you are an energetic and self-confident person. You are a force that cannot be simply controlled. If you are challenged, you accept it with grace, and then you go out and win. It’s all the tiger that lives inside you. In addition, you have a natural leadership instinct. Hawks are the same – they can team up, but they always work better alone.

Taurus: beaver and wolf.

You are a little stubborn, like a bull – a symbol of your zodiac sign, but you still have more wolf nature. You like to be a lone wolf and deal with all the problems yourself. On the other hand, you are like a beaver with your industriousness. Not only do they work hard, but they also tend to act strategically.

Gemini: panther and deer.

Geminis have several personalities, but just like deer, they are quite energetic and like to have fun. Representatives of this zodiac sign can both laugh at themselves and make others laugh with their wit. In some situations, Gemini can dominate – this is the essence of the panther. She is elegant, calm and does not give in to negativity.

Cancer: dog and woodpecker.

Crayfish are caring, and thus they can be compared with woodpeckers. They have a very caring soul, and they support their family and know how to empathize. Another totem animal representative of this zodiac sign is a dog. They are loyal, sensitive, and man’s best friend. Their presence brings peace.

Leo: salmon and peacock.

Leos are the very embodiment of confidence, which is why they love to show off. Just like peacocks, they are not shy and show all their beauty every time they get the right opportunity. And representatives of this sign are similar to salmon. This fish swims against the current and in a sense behaves selfishly.

Virgo: bear and eagle.

Virgos are as attentive as eagles, who can notice everything from afar. At first, they carefully consider everything, and then they make a decision and begin to act.

Virgos are also associated with the bear. This animal is very smart and hardworking. The bear has a big heart and is quite generous, but can be modest at times.

Libra: panda and raven.

Libras are reasonable and strive for justice both in love and in life. Raven itself is charming, prudent, and peaceful. He acts as a diplomat and knows how to remain patient. Representatives of this sign are also associated with a caring panda. They are quite relaxed, but at the same time they have a huge heart and they care about others.

Scorpio: snake and lion.

Scorpios can be scary. They are incredibly passionate and mysterious, which makes them difficult to understand. Just like the lion, they are quiet but have fierce energy. The snake defines their mystery. In addition, snakes have a connection with the unknown. They are inclined towards spiritual pursuits.

Sagittarius: cat and owl.

Owls are passionate and energetic, just like Sagittarians. They have a fire burning inside them that makes them impulsive. Sagittarians value friendship, but at times they can be insincere and reckless.

Representatives of this sign are also quite curious, like cats. They want new adventures, but if they are not careful enough, they may end up in a bad situation. They are quite impulsive.

Capricorn: horse and goose.

Capricorns like to be alone. They are hardworking and ambitious, but at the same time, they especially do not like to be in the company of other people. In this, they are somewhat reminiscent of geese, who are accustomed to staying away.

Capricorns like to focus on details, but they also have an unbridled nature, like a horse. They are waiting to be released. It is for this reason that Capricorns enjoy spending time in the countryside.

Aquarius: otter and bear.

Aquarius like to stay on their territory and just like that without a fight will not retreat. They purposefully move towards their dreams, like bears. They can be loyal and friendly, but only until you cross their path.

Another totem animal of Aquarius is the otter. Otters are very smart and playful. They keep everything to themselves, but at the same time, they are happy.

Pisces: fox and wolf.

Pisces love to dream. Everyone knows the cruelty of wolves, and therefore many do not see the full emotional depth of these animals, which strongly resemble Pisces. They watch over their pack and can be quite gentle and caring.

The second totem animal of Pisces is the fox. Foxes are smart and cuddly but can be quite scary if cornered. They just want to live their lives without any problems.

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