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What brings you pain at the end of a relationship, according to your sign

Breakups are hard to bear, especially when you’re the one left behind. Each zodiac sign ends up in this situation for a specific reason.

You always choose yourself with a broken heart because you like attention. You don’t want to accept that there is someone in the world who cannot give you everything.


You are always the one who suffers because you are a romantic deep down. You like to be loved and pampered, but you don’t know how to show it.


You are always the one left out because you always see the best in the other. You think he will change, so you don’t want to leave him.


You suffer because you fear confrontation. You always hide the problems under the press, hoping that they will solve themselves.


You are left because you hate to hurt other people’s feelings. Wait until your partner causes the breakup.


You get heartbroken every time because you hold yourself to high standards. It’s hard for you to admit that your relationship isn’t going well, no matter how hard you try to keep everything afloat.


You are always the one who suffers because you hate being alone. You’d rather stay with the wrong person for a while than start looking for someone again.


You always remain heartbroken because you want more than the other. You are ready to share everything with your partner, and this can scare him, especially if he has not yet reached the depth of your feelings.

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