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Which Of The Signs Of The Zodiac Is Psychotic, And Which Is Peace Itself?

Which of the signs of the zodiac is psychotic, and which is peace itself? When we are born on a certain day of the year, we receive special patronage from the planets, stars, and the universe. Under their influence, our character and personality traits are formed.

Today you can find out which signs of the zodiac are psychotic from birth, and who came into this world as the embodiment of calmness itself.

Which of the signs of the zodiac is psycho? TOP 3: Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio

The most unbalanced signs are two “Fire” signs of the zodiac and one “Water”. The fire element is responsible for anger, stubbornness, irascibility, and other bright, warlike traits. The water isn’t always calm either! Sometimes, it can become destructive.

1. Sagittarius  – in the first place representatives of this zodiac sign! These people always attack first. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how close a person it can be, or a casual passer-by. Any scandals in public places are provoked by Sagittarius. This is the most mentally unbalanced sign of the zodiac.

2. Aries  – take second place, because Aries can flare up even because of the smallest trifle. His militant attitude is noticeable from the first seconds. Want to see a real psycho? Then, it is enough to slightly “prick” Aries. Such a person will flare up without wasting a second.

3. Scorpio  – representatives of this sign found a place in the top three. Scorpios know how to bewitch with just one glance, or they can “prick” in such a way that it doesn’t seem enough. These people are very passionate about sorting things out. They do this with particular aggression and only with close people. Outsiders don’t care at all.

All of these zodiac signs need to learn to control their latent aggression. For this, astrologers recommend doing yoga and breathing practices.

Calm zodiac signs! TOP 3: Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

The most balanced signs of the zodiac are those whose elements are “Earth” and “Air”. Such signs always try to behave as calmly as possible. They are emotional, but the most outgoing. These are real psychologists who know how to control themselves.

1. Libra  – gold goes to this particular zodiac sign. Such people always strive for harmony both within themselves and in society. Scales do not accept scandals and quarrels. This zodiac sign has in its blood the ability to bypass sharp corners.

2. Capricorn – such people easily avoid hot emotions. Representatives of this zodiac sign are aware that any quarrel can lead to the termination of a contract, marriage, or friendship.

They never take those risks. That is why they occupy the second place of the most balanced signs.

3. Aquarius – is a friendly sign that rarely loses his temper. These people are out of this world! They are above any earthly problems. That’s why Aquarians know how to get away with it any conflict. They are real virtuosos in diplomacy.

It is worth noting that sometimes the presented signs of the zodiac need to be a little more persistent. Otherwise, calmness can play a cruel joke on them.

Now you know which zodiac signs have the most psychos and calm personalities. Therefore, you can find the right approach for a particular person. After all, when you know some of the traits of a person’s character, communication becomes easier.

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