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Venus In Pisces On March 12th: What Impact According To Your Astrological Sign?

The planet of relationships is entering its favorite territory. Venus in Pisces starts on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024. We tell you what it means for the heart and affairs (or matters of the heart) of the signs of the zodiac.

It’s Tuesday night fever. In the space of a week, the entire celestial vault changes its rhythm. The beginning of March saw several major planetary movements. On March 8th, Mercury and Neptune revived hope. On the 10th, it is the New Moon in Pisces and the passage of Mars into Aries which mark the beginning of a new chapter. No time to get bored on this cosmic dance floor. On Tuesday March 12th, it will be Venus to change tempo. Behind the turntables, the slow soaring sounds of Pisces replace the atypical electro of Aquarius. Enough to completely change the musicality of your love life, among other things. Sweet melody, or serial wrong notes? We tell you what to expect during Venus in Pisces, according to your zodiac sign.


Exalted. This is how we define Venus in Pisces, in astrology. For the planet of harmony and love, the territory of the last sign of the zodiac is a true land of asylum. In the tender sign of Water, the planet of relationships ( but not only ) abandons itself to all sweetness. Seduction takes on magnetism, and the antics become almost mystical. Venus in Pisces invites you to abandon yourself, to connect without embellishment. Intuition takes precedence. For astrologer Valerie Mesa in her “Astrolove 2024” for Bumble, this moment is decisive for the rest of the year. Everything is intensifying. In question? The lunar eclipse will accompany the Full Moon in Libra on March 25th. “A full circle moment in connections should be expected, whether it’s moving to the next stage of the relationship or closing a chapter. »

Yes, Venus in Pisces is also the time to move on. We mourn a relationship, we choose to forgive, even forget. On March 21, Venus will cross Saturn (contracts): we make a romantic commitment, we build. It is also a particularly good time for money and real estate matters. On April 3, the planet of love crosses Neptune, the planet of dreams. A double-edged moment that can make you realize the extent of your attachment to a person… Like blinding you to their love for you. Beware of the “mermaid on her rock” effect of Venus in Pisces who can tend to cover the red flags under her melodious voice. Beware of projections and mirages.


  • Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are the most positively impacted. The three Water signs have a chance to start all over again, to leave behind problems they would rather forget. The natives of this trio agree to a truce and find a little sweetness in the arms of their crush, those of their best friends, or in family. It’s the time for them to recharge their emotional batteries for the months to come, which could be a bit of rock and roll. A spa session before rafting, in short.
  • Libra and Taurus are about to catch themselves completely letting go. The little protégés of Venus have had enough of trying to control everything, they have decided: they let themselves be carried away, they will see. A change of attitude that transforms everything in their vision of love and their relationships with others in general. Be careful, however, to remain realistic, especially when it comes to your expenses.
  • For Capricorns and Virgos, the romantic imagination expands. They see further than the idea they have of a “serious” relationship. Especially Virgo, who frees herself from her preconceptions and decides to take a risk: to trust. These two questions time spent with a person as the number one criterion for the quality of a relationship. In private, they let their partner guide them and could develop a taste for not controlling anything.
  • Aries, Leo, and Aquarius each take a new turn, but differently. For Aries, it’s about understanding that giving of yourself doesn’t take anything away, on the contrary. Aquarians might get involved in a new relationship rather than running away from it whenever they feel vulnerable. As for Leos, Venus in Pisces increases their passion tenfold. Their generosity no longer has any limits, they redouble their love for all their loved ones, for themselves, the cat, and the postman.
  • Gemini and Sagittarius are the most reluctant to enter the bath of Venus in Pisces. However, not the type to wet their neck before diving, they will instinctively want to resist the little attention of their crush, the declarations of friendship, and the compliments of their colleagues. The ultimate advice for these two? Let their guard down and as Nick Cave sang in 1994: “Let the love in.”

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