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We Have Classified The Astrological Signs From The Most To The Least Dreamy

Head in the clouds or the stars? Some members of the zodiac don’t choose. Here is our ranking from the most dreamers of the zodiac to the most pragmatic.

Everyone dreams. Some, on the other hand, have turned pro for a long time and could even give lessons, if the discipline were taught at university. In the zodiac some ardently wish to use every moment of hesitation to do something, to be productive. And then, some never miss an opportunity to completely switch off and go about their business on their imaginary island, invent songs, or see a huge burger in the clouds. Here are our top astrological signs from the most to the least dreamy.


Half the time, they didn’t listen to what you told them. Heirs of Neptune, the planet of dreams, and the unconscious, Pisces is the most airheaded of the zodiac. Dissipated like no other, dreaming is their default mode, their reason for being, as Pascal Obispo would say. But they intend to take advantage of it and one day publish their daydream journal.


There’s no secret: if the cosmic crab is so dreamy, it’s because he sleeps a lot. Associated with the Moon, a nocturnal star, Cancer would have a wonderful ability to withdraw into its shell. Which contains its imaginary world (legends, cartography, and languages ​​included), half a dozen novels in progress, and a temple of unfinished poems.


This very sociable Air sign is certainly an expert in connections of all kinds, but believe us: he also excels in express disconnection. During a conversation that he considers boring, he has a superpower. He hung up. Aquarius can thus return to more stimulating mental pursuits. Even if he has a reputation for being snobbish, don’t take it personally.


The sky archer is always somewhere else: higher, further away, anywhere except where he is. His daydreams are made up of 68% travel ideas, the rest being an amalgamation not approved by anyone of philosophical and political questions. Do you think he’s admiring the scenery out the window? He invents a new aperitif religion based on the worship of cheese and wine.


As a member of the three musketeers of the imagination that are the Water signs, Scorpio stands out with an impeccable poker face when daydreaming. Also, it would be almost impossible to detect the slightest dropout. He didn’t listen to the last sentence, but his keen observation of non-verbal signals still makes him capable of responding to you. All while losing himself with relish in his fantasies of revenge.


It’s hard to put your finger on what makes the Gemini mind so elusive, but we’ll try to do it anyway: they are omniscient. Able to be both very present in the conversation and completely elsewhere, in their thoughts. An Air sign ruled by intellectual Mercury, Gemini gets bored very quickly. This is why they have several imaginary conversations in their head while you search for words.


Not a dreamer, Libra is more the type to think intensely about what decision to make (and it takes them a lot of time), but above all about how to make things… more beautiful. Yes, this child of Venus (beauty, harmony) is often preoccupied with aesthetic thoughts. Do you see them wandering off, staring into space? They are thinking about how to make this RER train more Feng Shui or this waiting room more pop. A useful daydream, then.


If your Taurus crush stares into space and you ask them what they’re thinking, there’s every chance they’ll say, “Nothing.” » But then, what do they do? ” I enjoy. » The cosmic oxen retort to you. The most sensual of signs, in the literal sense of the word, is nothing but sensations and appreciation of one’s body. When he is not thinking about anything, he dreams with his senses.

9. LEO

They do not experience daydreaming since they happily tell you everything (or almost everything) they are thinking out loud. “That should interest people,” they think, monologuing endlessly, convinced that they are delivering words of public utility. No, Leos don’t daydream: they prevent you from daydreaming in peace.


As good Fire signs driven by desire, Aries are the type to act and not think. A certain taste for taking action without much preparation which is certainly not always without consequences, but which above all has the advantage of being visible. Aries do not indulge in daydreams: they are scattered in their gestures and actions. Less subtle, louder. The very definition of Aries.


If they are obviously at the bottom of this ranking, it is because they are the opposite and complementary sign of Pisces. Pragmatic, and efficient, Virgos always give priority to what is useful in their lives. This is why their rare moments of distraction consist of looking for solutions to problems. Virgos don’t dream, they work.


Like Virgo and Taurus, this Earth sign is known for its “practical” side, not for its fertile imagination or dreamlike lines. Capricorn, as a good Saturnian, wants to make the most of every second of the time that passes, to use every lapse of time to improve and “become the best version of himself” without really taking the time to enjoy what he is, right here right now. Capricorn is advised to find the Pisces within him, from time to time.

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