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What Are The Astrological Signs Born In May?

Each sign has its time of year to shine. Lily of the Valley, sweetness, and public holidays: here are the two members of the zodiac who reign supreme over the lovely month of May.

Astrology is not rocket science: you just need to follow the rhythm of the seasons and their influence on the astrological signs. Each sign has thirty days to shine, at the same time, every year. Capricorns take care of tightening the screws after the end-of-year holidays, Aries takes care of restarting with a bang at the spring equinox and Leo manages the relaxation part. But these two astrological signs are neither “Julyists” nor “Augustists”. We present to you the two signs that end spring.

Note: the dates of the astrological signs are indicative and may vary by one or two days depending on the year. Also, if you were born on the border of two astrological signs, remember to check your true astrological sign using your birth time.


It was written. However, there were no current public holidays in antiquity, but the most non-working month of all is Taurus. Because this sign is that of good living, pleasure, and rest. In Taurus, we take a break, we enjoy and we have a good time. This second sign of the zodiac comes after the fiery Aries and calms things down. More slowness, sensuality, and grounding, too. This Earth sign is said to be cautious, patient, and pragmatic. He values ​​his possessions, which he likes to be as practical as they are pleasant and durable. Taurus is not a high roller but he believes that his money is there to secure him as much as to please him.

“Pleasure” is precisely their watchword. And that comes to them from their planet: Venus. Love, relationships, beauty, and harmony, the star gives Taurus its love of good and beauty. Especially if it’s both at the same time. Their faults? A tendency towards stubbornness when they push their legendary perseverance a little too far, grudges firmly held, but also a little jealous side. And please don’t steal fries from them because you “weren’t hungry enough” to order them.


Among the three signs of spring, we have three lifestyles. Aries likes to take action, not talk about it for hours. Taurus does not want to respond to either “action” or “truth” but to be left alone. Gemini doesn’t see why we should choose when we can do everything at once. Question of perspective. His? There is no right or wrong situation. The sign of the twins is the first Air sign of the zodiac, an element of intellect and communication. Its role in the zodiac? Openness, dialogue. His things are curiosity, sociability, and fluttering. Where Taurus seeks to perpetuate, Gemini wants above all to have fun.

Always on the move, the sign has a knack for quickly understanding the issues and reacting immediately. His lively mind and sharp tongue allow him to always shine in society. And he loves debates. Moreover, he particularly appreciates the fact that his sign is the subject of so much prejudice: at least it gets people talking and starts conversations. Since he has very little ego, Gemini is among the signs that will never judge you. This is why he is an excellent friend, confidant, and even psychologist. On the other hand, he is said to be rather light in love, where he would be the type to favor short, non-committal relationships. Its main faults? His inconstancy, his propensity to scatter and not take anything seriously. But make no mistake, contrary to rumor, Gemini is too boastful to make a good liar.

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