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What Are The Astrological Signs That Cannot Lie?

No point trying to “unmask” them, they will betray themselves. Worse: the more they try to lie, the less it works. Here are the four least lying zodiac signs of all.

Espionage is the most discouraged career for this cosmic quartet. Not that they’re all very honest, but these members of the zodiac lie particularly badly. Clumsiness, forgetfulness, blunders, or even physical tics that betray them every time: the art of lying is not given to everyone. Whether it is playing the pipe for oneself or others. Keeping a secret, subtly hiding the truth, or practicing the “white lie”, this gray area of ​​lying, is not for them. They wouldn’t be able to deceive their people, even if their lives depended on it.


This impulsive Fire sign is one of the most direct. For Aries, beating around the bush is already torture. “I don’t know how to lie because I hate it,” they will tell you proudly. Certainly, honesty is one of the main attributes of the sign with the big hooves who never hesitate to put everyone on the table. The truth? They don’t like lying for the same reason they hate sports for which they have no natural ability: not to show their shortcomings. Ultra competitive, Aries can’t stand not being the first in a field. Their planet, Mars, is one of action. It makes them good at asserting themselves, imposing their ideas, and rushing into the crowd. On the other hand, as soon as it comes to playing it nice: there is no one left. Aries prefer to adorn themselves with raw honesty rather than admit that they lack the sense of strategy or self-control necessary to lie.


He prefers to eat salads rather than charge them to you. Concerned, even anxious, upright, and litigious, the sign of Virgo is an artisan. His gift? Through effort, training, and humility, he can do anything. Except lie. Because his thing is to follow the rules, not to break them: he hates to deviate from his strict code of conduct. Then, he is too stressed to succeed in hiding the truth or altering it. Linked to house 6 of the body and health, the sign of Virgo represents our digestive system in us. Bilious, he gets angry every time he has to tell a little lie. Sweaty palms and stomach aches usually follow. Inevitably, her discomfort is seen from the outside and the Virgin in question is unmasked. Last reason? Virgo is certainly devoted and loyal to her friends. She will do what she can to try to lie for you but her true love will catch up with her: the facts.


Truth be told, this sign often lies. Problem: he doesn’t realize it. Nebulous, mysterious, always in its world, the sign of Pisces is born with a thought software that belongs only to it and a rather personal vision of what is true and what is not. An emotional Water sign, Pisces is the heir of Neptune: the planet of dreams, illusion, vagueness, and uncertainty. As a result, Pisces has its version of what is real: it doesn’t know, it feels. He can tell you anything but be convinced and sincere. On the other hand, explicitly ask him to tell a lie to help you out, he will fail miserably. He will make blunder after blunder or confuse the target. The moral of this story: you would have been quicker to lie directly to Pisces so that he spread false information.


This sign has the reputation of being a first-rate winder, a professional piper. Geminis crystallizes many preconceived ideas and the one according to which they are liars lives hard. It must be said that the sign is that of the twins: of the double face. Symbols die hard, that’s not to be missed. They are said to be hypocrites, moody, and turncoats. However, we assure you that Geminis make very bad liars. Yes, they trick you, but to pull the worms out of your nose. They are as good at detecting lies as they are bad at telling them themselves. First, they don’t see the point in keeping something to themselves. Then this sign heir to Mercury (communication) talks so much that he can’t remember what they have disclosed or not. Sense of sharing and talent for small talk: this is the ideal recipe for the worst liar of the zodiac.

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