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What Are The Most Creative Astrological Signs Of The Zodiac?

Artists at heart, stars born to shine. These two astrological signs are the most creative of the zodiac. Here’s why.

Each astrological sign has its hidden talent. While Scorpio is magnetic and Capricorn establishes himself as the king of color-coded Excel, others rely on “soft power” to impose their law. They have the gift to sublimate everything they touch and to imagine a world of their own. The creative people of the zodiac are the type to make us dream while taking us into their world. Yesterday on the piano, today on a stand-up stage, tomorrow in the “Star Academy”. They continue with ovations and tours… provided that the rest of the zodiac manages to follow them. Sometimes too energetic or cursed like Baudelaire. Discover the two most creative astrological signs of the zodiac.

Spoiler alert: we could have slipped Cancer into this top, artists born to cook or sing, but that would have required talking about their sensitivity. We know the song, but it could make them sensitive so we prefer to avoid it.


He is the very embodiment of dreams and imagination. Born under the influence of Neptune, Pisces is said to be connected to the world of the intangible. It vibrates at another frequency and manages to capture waves that only the most mystical know. Halfway between the magician and the sensitive soul, his vocation is to “heal evils with words”. Although not very talkative, he is more the type to express himself through art. Poet, musician, painter. We can no longer count the number of artists with a placement in Pisces. And by placement, we mean astrological sign, ascendant or moon sign. This is the case of Arthur Teboul, singer of Feu Chatterton who has his Moon in Pisces, of Pete Doherty, born on March 12, or of Julien Doré, ascendant in Pisces.

Adoring calm and tranquility, this Water sign is the type to escape with his pen. He’s there without ever really being 100% with you. He hears the notes that you don’t catch and above all, he knows how to read between the lines. Pisces, a humanist, is keen to decipher the human being, to understand its mysteries and its variations. “Intuitive and psychic, he has a great capacity to perceive the subtle forces that act beneath apparent reality,” writes astrologer Roberto L. Saula in “Your Astral Chart and You.” It is therefore difficult to imagine more creative than this being of light.


As a good Air sign, Gemini is the type to flutter. He can’t sit still and above all, he constantly seeks to quench his thirst for discovery. “Its nature is linked to the principles of curiosity, versatility, concerns, adaptability, and instability. » This potential mercurian therefore needs to be constantly stimulated. With him, words flow and ideas flow. He doesn’t have time to rest as he’s already working on a new project. That’s how it is with him, nothing should get stuck. Everything must be in motion, especially when it comes to communication or intellect. The astrologer explains: “Attracted to intellectual challenges, languages, social relationships or anything related, Gemini energy emphasizes the changing reality of a world that is also in constant connectivity.

Translation: he loves to reinvent principles and find solutions to do things differently. Hyperactive at heart, Gemini can have difficulty channeling their creativity. As a result, he can sometimes exhaust those around him with his eccentric ideas. Simply put, being at his side can be particularly inspiring. He encourages us to see life differently and will never run out of words to lighten the mood. Whether in writing, in song, or through a one-man show, Gemini pours out his creativity in a constant flow of well-thought-out sentences. It is no coincidence that many arty and comic stars were born under this sign. The most known? Jamel Debbouze, Amy Schumer, or even Cillian Murphy. He knows acting!

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