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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Experience Major Changes With The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Of October 2023

You shed your old skin and are reborn like a phoenix. A personal journey you embarked on in 2021 is nearing its conclusion. Pay attention to the influence of the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on each sign of the zodiac, as it will mark the end of this personal story. The themes of commitment, financial security, and self-reliance are likely to be front and center for you, as unexpected breakthroughs will encourage you to move forward in positive and rewarding ways.

Think about how your commitments and values ​​have evolved and changed over the past few years. Identify what is no longer productive or stable in your life. Scheduled for October 28 at 10:25 p.m. Paris time, at 5 degrees of Taurus, this full moon lunar eclipse will highlight what is lacking in solid foundations, coherence, and anchoring in your life. What aspects do you need to strengthen and ground to live your best life? Are you willing to give up something in the short term to receive something better in the long term? Do not fear, this eclipse is guiding you towards your ultimate destiny.

This is the last eclipse of 2023, ending the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series that began in 2021.

The position of this astrological axis in your birth chart indicates your stability and shared resources. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is associated with beauty, security, and self-esteem, while Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars, symbolizes regeneration after trauma and acceptance of intimacy. After all, how you view yourself (Taurus) is a precursor to how you interact with others (Scorpio).

This full moon is no ordinary full moon, but a much more powerful influence that can bring about significant life changes. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon, making it more intense and transformative.

It marks an emotional turning point because the changes it brings will impact the next six months. On an astrological level, this eclipse brings good prospects, thanks to the positive influence of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity, and spiritual growth, and you might feel these new energies before and after it returns directly in December.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will take place on October 28 at 10:25 p.m. French time.

Venus, the planet of love and the celestial ruler of this eclipse, is currently passing through the practical and methodical sign of Virgo. It sheds light on every aspect of our lives, from our daily routines to how we maximize their efficiency. This raises questions about how much our daily activities contribute to our sense of security and autonomy. Does anything need to be adjusted or redesigned?

This is an opportunity to bring deeper awareness into our daily actions through the influence of Venus in Virgo. Additionally, after the eclipse, Venus will form a productive trine with innovative Uranus, bringing revolutionary ideas and solutions for the future.

Here’s what these 4 signs can expect, based on your Sun sign and/or rising sign:


October’s full moon lunar eclipse marks the conclusion of a major chapter in your life, especially when it comes to your finances, comfort, and overall sense of security.

As this full-circle moment highlights everything you’ve accomplished and manifested over the past year, Venus inspires you to celebrate the little things that spark your gratitude.

Additionally, the Moon is near retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, suggesting the possibility of enjoying more abundance and opportunity by the end of the year.

Remember to remember who you are and recognize your ability to provide for yourself without relying on someone else for help. Take care of yourself as if you were your lover, because there is a special kind of love that only you can give yourself.


October’s lunar eclipse will illuminate your 12th house, an area linked to abandonment, closure, and unconscious patterns. This eclipse aims to shine a light on your self-sabotaging tendencies and coping mechanisms while encouraging you to leave a past version of yourself behind.

It invites you to recognize how you have evolved beyond your old situation. If you are ready to undertake an internal transformation, it will lead you to a deeper awareness of the process. Welcome home, Gemini.

With Venus currently transiting your fourth house, linked to your physical and emotional foundations, you may notice significant changes in your daily habits and tasks that contribute to your sense of security and support.

The trick lies in developing a concrete action plan to strengthen your sense of security in your reality.


The growth you seek is found when you dare to venture into the unknown, without fear, dear Virgo. The October lunar eclipse marks the end of a series of eclipses that began in 2021, and this journey has taken you to unexplored territories and new horizons that have enriched your self-esteem.

Be willing to try something new, spread your wings, and reach heights that you may not have dared to aspire to in the past.

This eclipse impacts your ninth house of beliefs and expansion, rekindling your faith in the areas where you have invested your energy. Keep in mind that perfection is not a realistic pursuit, so be compassionate to yourself.

This moment of closure encourages you to reflect on the foundations of your personal life and the responsibility you assume. Perhaps expect unexpected circumstances or surprising revelations as this eclipse unfolds.


Have you unconsciously allowed yourself to be trapped by false stories and unreasonable social expectations?

This can also apply to this illusion you explored. October’s lunar eclipse will illuminate your fifth house, which is the realm of authenticity, passion projects, and self-expression, bringing some of your creations to life.

It can even affect areas related to children, fertility, or creativity. You may have adopted a personality that doesn’t match your true identity, all to preserve your financial security. It’s time to discover yourself, to reconnect with your true nature.

As Venus moves through Virgo and continues its journey through your ninth house, linked to adventure and wisdom, this eclipse will encourage you to embrace a more pragmatic understanding and dedicate yourself fully to your work. The time has come to take on this new role and express yourself without restraint.

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