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What Are You Terrible At, According To Your Zodiac Sign? It’s Just A Nightmare!

We are not all perfect, but each sign of the Zodiac has several individual negative characteristics. You are unbearable, narcissistic, aggressive, selfish, or two-faced – the stars may be to blame for this. Find out what you are terrible, according to the sign of the Zodiac!

If you are sometimes a nightmare for others, and you need to shift the responsibility to someone for what you are, then blame it on the stars. They and only they are to blame for what you are. The signs of the zodiac make you who you are (if you believe in such things).

The stars can bring out the best in you, but they are also responsible for the worst in you. The flaws of the Zodiac include everything from the inability to keep secrets to the dark sides of the personality. The biggest flaws of society, according to the zodiac, pervade all aspects of a person’s daily life.

The weaknesses of your zodiac sign are not always the biggest problem. Sometimes it is the strengths that make your personality completely unbearable. Scorpios are skilled manipulators, and Capricorns are insanely successful in the financial sector, and can easily take advantage of the success of other people for their benefit.

Find out what you are just terrible at, according to your zodiac sign, and try not to blame your parents for being born under your zodiac sign. Blame the stars!

What are you terrible at?

Aries should always be in charge

Two years ago, Aries told you not to wear your earrings, because she has the same ones, and you had to obey. Then, when your parents gave you great linens, you had to pretend you didn’t even like them. After all, Aries should have everything in a mess better than everyone else.

The truth is that Aries always wants to be the best and the best, no matter what. Although – this is undoubtedly a good quality, always strive for superiority and be the best. Energetic Aries is a great leader, but he also easily turns into an overbearing person with whom it is simply impossible to communicate.

Taurus is very lazy

Taurus is very fond of lounging on the couch, relaxing while watching the next movie or program. We know it’s safe and relaxing on the couch, but would you like to do something other than that?

Taurus is the laziest of the signs of the zodiac, if he were an animal, then just a sloth. It cannot fail for only one reason – it does nothing, and if nothing is done, then nothing bad will happen. He lives without straining, but how can something happen if you watch a series all day? But don’t you feel the slightest bit ashamed of your behavior?

But, don’t let Taurus fool you with their lack of drive and their laziness. By doing so, he creates the safest atmosphere for himself. He believes that if you do not take unnecessary actions, then nothing in life can change for the worse. But, is it so?

Gemini is chatty

The symbol of this zodiac sign is the twins, who have slightly different characteristics. One is a loyal, sincere, and devoted friend who hates the same people as you. He will stay with you no matter what. And the second twin is not as good as the first, he is a two-faced gossip who inadvertently spreads your secrets throughout the city.

It is difficult for a Gemini to keep his mouth shut, he is very talkative, sociable, and sometimes he can inadvertently shake something up. This happens without malicious intent but harms the one whose secret he blurted out. Oops!

Cancer is sullen and takes everything to heart

Inside this hard shell lies a fragile body that simply does not stand up to any criticism, even if it is useful to him. Cancer takes everything personally, regardless of whether it has anything to do with it.

Their favorite pastime is remembering the wrongs of a friend, searching for a secret meaning in the words of an interlocutor, and interpreting the true meaning of a text message. It always seems to him that people mean something else, bad, or cunning, when they talk to him or write a message. He may even remember a harmless joke you said about him. Cry, too, can on occasion.

Seriously, don’t taunt him in a group chat, or a big group, because Cancer may never recover from that. To make matters worse, Cancerians are constantly thinking about what happened in solitude, they replay every phrase and every look in their mind, and wind themselves up more and more. They are hypersensitive, which can lead Cancer to become reclusive and a loner. Although everything is individual, these qualities may not be fully manifested in individual representatives.

Leo is the center  of the universe

That’s how they feel, Leos should always feel like they’re in the spotlight. They cannot control this desire. These are the people who annoyedly delete a post on Instagram or Facebook if it doesn’t get a lot of likes.

To remain in the spotlight, they are ready for a lot. If it turns out that they are eclipsed by someone, even a little, they will lie to themselves and convince themselves that this is not so, and all this happened with their permission. It was Leo himself who refused the championship because it was supposedly convenient for him (he was too busy, or too cool for something).

Most of us just can’t handle the drama and prefer to have conversations that go beyond Leo’s unrivaled greatness.

Virgo mega-critical

What you call over-critical and wildly judgmental, Virgo will call detail-oriented. Virgos simply cannot afford not to pay attention to the little things, to point out even the tiniest details – this is their duty. Everything happens somewhere on a subconscious level.

They memorize everything in detail and write down the most unpleasant and provocative situations on their internal memory card. They remember everything about you, do not even think that Virgo can forget something.

Virgos like to point out their mistakes and mistakes to everyone, talk about shortcomings, and just criticize. They consider themselves smarter and better than others. Virgo can easily tell you that your hairstyle does not suit you, but the dress is full. What, is it true? she says with imperturbability.

Probably, such Virgo’s attention to you can be useful, but most often you want to live without being constantly criticized and taught something.

Libras have a hard time dealing with stress.

Libra is an indecisive zodiac, it is not easy for him to choose his own. They are constantly visited by doubts. Libras just want to love and be loved and hate confrontation, which makes any relationship quite difficult. They try to eliminate all negativity.

If Libra is throwing negative emotions at you and raising their voice, know that it is likely that these experiences have been accumulating in poor Libra all the time. Forgive them and try to talk about it in more detail, finding out the reason for what happened.

Libra’s indecisiveness can annoy friends and relatives, but what’s there, it just infuriates them. Does it annoy you?

Scorpio is very jealous

Scorpios can be very jealous and suspicious, they have this green-eyed feeling. They love themselves and do not even allow their partner to think about betrayal.

Scorpios are insanely magnetic, they are masters of manipulation who are surrounded by an intoxicating air that beckons people. From the outside, they may seem charming, but inside they can be downright poisonous. This is especially true if they feel disloyal to their personality.

A characteristic feature of a quarrel with a Scorpio is that he will try to sting you more painfully. And he will most likely succeed! Scorpios are too secretive and paranoid for people to manipulate them, but they are very successful in this art. You will not be able to win the fight with Scorpio, he is still that manipulator.

Sagittarius loves to be in charge.

He is not used to asking someone for help, he does not ask, but orders. If Scorpio needs to do something around the house, then he will find someone to shift these responsibilities, and even stand above his soul and lead the process. How annoying!

Sagittarius is wildly independent, devoted, and obsessed, he is a lone wolf who fights the world alone. These traits are a direct path to success, but they can also get in the way.

Stubborn Sagittarians always do everything better than others – this is their conviction. Like the kid who insisted that he could tie his shoes without the help of Mom and Dad, Sagittarius will try and fail over and over again because he believes that no one can help him. In turn, Sagittarius’ desire to succeed without the help of others makes them seem overconfident and complacent. Nobody likes to watch a stubborn person constantly fail because they can’t ask for help. Stubbornness is not the best character trait.

Capricorn is my best friend

“Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer,” says Capricorn. They are very pragmatic and set on success and material wealth. Capricorns are serious social climbers. This strong-willed sign has no problem getting rid of a toxic friend, they try to remove all problematic and useless people from their environment so that they do not pull to the bottom.

If you have something that Capricorn wants, you can be sure that he will do his best to get it and outshine you. And Capricorn’s methods work. They manage to climb the social ladder and succeed in their fields, although they may pay a heavy price for this, perhaps even friendships or family relationships. It can be lonely at the top, but Capricorn doesn’t care.

Aquarius is too smart

Aquarians are smart and innovative at their core. If you are an Aquarius, then you have a special mindset that is not set up for boring paperwork. They were not born for ordinary everyday work, they are busy dreaming about the future and letting someone else do the work. Unfortunately, this is quite annoying for literally everyone Aquarius works with.

He can also be called a real bouncer and talker. It is very difficult for Aquarius to explain his thoughts to someone, especially if these people are used to thinking within certain limits, Aquarius always goes beyond the set limits.

The world has not yet grown up to your ideologies, so your actions and decisions will often be incomprehensible to others. Who would have thought that being smart and special would be so difficult?

Pisces are pessimists

Pisces are great friends. They get carried away with their creative projects and forget a lot at this time. Sometimes you get so carried away with some activity that you even forget to eat. Your dedication and dedication are amazing.

You also have a tendency to become quite pessimistic in the course of your work, often giving up on your plans just because you feel overwhelmed. The idea that you exist in a world where everyone’s work seems better than yours just kills you.

A little advice to you: get to work and go to the end, do not give in to doubts and a bad mood. Look for inspiration and creativity. Remember that your pessimism and the fact that you are often ready to give up halfway – people don’t like it, because you don’t inspire respect and trust in your person. Be optimistic and you will succeed!

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