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What Color Clothes Should You Wear To Attract Good Luck: Advice From An Astrologer

Are you ready to be the lucky one? Then get ready for a wardrobe overhaul – you may have to add a few things to it!

According to astrologers, the luckiest zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Leo, and Capricorn. But what if you are, for example, Virgo or Gemini? There are many ways to attract luck into your life, and one of them is to surround yourself with the “right” flowers: these are the ones that will help you.

Green and gold

If you want to “summon” money, then consider wearing a green dress or getting gold sandals. As astrologer and author Lauren Ash explains, green has long been associated with prosperity, as well as harmony, peace, and healing, while gold has long symbolized power and success. These two colors will help you create new opportunities and notice additional sources of income.

Red and pink

Everything is fine with your finances, and could you use a little luck in a completely different area – romantic? In this case, Lauren advises wearing red and pink things. Do you think these are too bold colors for clothes? In this case, Ash recommends doing a red or pink manicure, as well as paying attention to jewelry and accessories in these shades.

Yellow and orange

Yellow, the astrologer explains, symbolizes openness, freedom, and self-expression, and wearing this color makes it easier to communicate and helps you be yourself. Orange will add warmth to your image, and together these two colors will make you luckier and more successful when it comes to finding new friends or maintaining relationships with old ones.

Red and purple

Do you want a fortune to help you climb the career ladder? In this case, Lauren advises paying attention to red, which symbolizes not only passion, but also strength, and purple, which is associated with wisdom and self-esteem. Both of these colors are very bright, so don’t create an office look from them – use accessories and makeup so that these shades are always present while working.

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