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What Tree Are You According To The Celtic Horoscope? Here’s What It Means To You

Celts Earthly Astrology. The Celts held the ancient belief that everyone receives their tree at birth, and the season in which we are born is crucial in shaping our individual qualities and character traits. The Celts observed not only nature but also the Moon. They assumed, that the movement of the Moon also played an important role in shaping our unique characteristics.

Therefore, all Celtic astrology is based on the lunar calendar. There are not 12, but 13 Celtic Zodiac signs, according to the number of phases of the Moon.

Trees are a symbol of life, death, and renewal, and almost all trees found in Celtic countries are revered in Celtic traditions. The Celts’ deep connection with trees, which they believed held powerful spiritual energy, wisdom, and sacred knowledge, led them to associate each lunar month with a tree and assign it to those born during that period.

Which tree are you according to the Celtic horoscope? To find out which tree is yours, find your date of birth according to the Celtic horoscope  below:

December 24 – January 20

Birch. Type: Achiever.

Birch signifies the beginning of the Celtic new year and the sign represents renewal and awakening. Those born under the birch energy were born during the darkest time of the year, so they are often in search of light. This builds character, which is why Birches are often persistent, tough, and decisive individuals. They are charismatic and emit their light to compensate for the fact that there was little light at the time of their birth. These people are usually leaders; they are highly motivated, persistent, and ambitious. They always succeed if they want. Even after a forest fire, the birch tree is the first to recover. This sign symbolizes the “phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Compatibility: Wild grapes and Willow.

January 21 – February 17

Rowan. Type: Thinker.

Rowans are the most philosophical minds of the Celtic zodiac and are born deep thinkers, creators, and visionaries. They have an inner passion and wild imagination, although they often hide this from everyone because they believe that their outlandish beliefs and ideas will not be taken seriously. Therefore, they tend to be somewhat aloof when interacting with others, although this does not reflect their true personality. Rowan generates energy that radiates warmth, love, and compassion, and can help cope with any negativity.

Compatibility: Ivy and Hawthorn.

February 18 – March 17

Ash. Type: Sorcerer.

Those born during the Ash period are perceived by the Celts as freethinkers, revolutionaries, highly educated, empathic, and beautiful souls. They are immersed in their rich inner world and crave solitude. They maintain a deep connection with nature and feel blissful when wandering through the magical forest.

They are often perceived as hermits because they wander somewhere far away in their thoughts. Although they can empathize with other people, others cannot figure them out. But Ashes care little about what others think of them. They are creative types and are interested in art, spirituality, the universe, psychology, and anything that helps them understand their own and others’ hearts and minds. Ash trees love the debate about the purpose of existence.

Compatibility: Willow and Reed.

March 18 – April 14 according to the Celtic horoscope

Alder. Type: Pioneer.

They are charismatic, strong, and purposeful pioneers who attract people with their magnetism. They know where they are going and with their determination and unyielding faith they inspire others to follow their example.

One thing they hate is wasting time chatting. These people are confident and do not tolerate procrastination or indecision. Their charm makes them very attractive, and although they can walk the road alone, they are often chosen as leaders by other curious and confident adventurers.

People often turn to Alder when they need a friendly shoulder. They are amazing listeners and know what to say to bring comfort. Alder has a connection with water, which means these people are emotional and deep.

Compatibility: Birch, Oak, and Hawthorn.

What kind of tree are you according to the Celtic horoscope April 15 – May 12

Willow. Type: Observer.

Willow has a strong connection with the Moon, so sensitive, empathic, and intelligent beings are born during this period. They have the gift of premonition and the ability to sense what other people are thinking and feeling, which is enhanced by their ability to harness the mystical lunar energy.

They are voracious learners and their goal in life is to gain as much knowledge as they can gather. They find deep lessons and wisdom in each of their experiences. Their motto in life is to “turn a negative into a positive,” so they make the best of any situation.

Compatibility: Ivy and Birch.

 May 13 – June 9

Hawthorn. Type: Illusionist.

A phrase that is often used to describe Hawthorn is “Never judge a book by its cover.” They are known as “illusionists” because what you see is rarely reality. They can be perceived as complex, confusing, and unpredictable characters with huge secrets.

Few people have the privilege of knowing the true nature of this sign, as they only approach those they trust completely. Hawthorns have creative and dynamic abilities and boundless energy, and despite their secretive nature, they are generally loved, admired, and respected.

Compatibility according to the Celtic horoscope: Ash and Rowan.

June 10 – July 7 according to the Celtic horoscope

Oak. Type: Stabilizer.

The Oak is the strongest and most stable sign of the Celtic zodiac and always remains optimistic despite the challenges and blows that life throws at it. He not only always recovers from tragedy, but, as a rule, stands and supports the weaker and discouraged.

Oaks are full of knowledge and wisdom and willingly share it with others, so they often become teachers, advisors, consultants, or simply knowledgeable and interesting parents.

Their most comfortable place is in the heart of the family, although they can be overly controlling and protective of their loved ones. Generosity, kindness, nurturing, compassion, and empathy are some of their most notable traits as they help anyone they can and never consider themselves superior or inferior to anyone else.

Compatibility: ash, reed, and ivy.

July 8 – August 4

Holly. Type: Ruler.

Those born on Holly days are ambitious and competitive due to their natural ability to succeed in whatever they undertake. They can do a lot and learn quickly.

Hollies are noble and regal characters who enjoy a sense of power and control. They are at their peak when their mind is constantly busy with tasks, but when boredom sets in, laziness usually follows. This is why Hollies are much happier and healthier when they have a project or two. However, they can be perfectionists and will put great effort into completing tasks to the highest standards.

Holly’s motto: “If I want a job done well, I better do it myself.” They can be critical and often fuss over small things.

Compatibility: Ash and Elderberry.

August 5 – September 1 according to the Celtic horoscope

Hazelnut. Type: Knowledgeable.

Hazelnut is born an intellectual, and science comes easily to him. They have an innate ability to remember information that most would likely ignore or simply forget.

They are amazing planners with great organizational skills, so when you need to organize something, involve them. But they can be a little intrusive and often stick.

This sign is the most analytical of the Celtic zodiac and spends hours contemplating in search of the best outcome. They often procrastinate because of their irritable mind.

Compatibility: Hawthorn and Rowan.

 September 2 – September 29 according to the Celtic horoscope

Wild grapes. Type: Equalizer.

The Celts believed that those born under the influence of Wild Grapes were very flexible individuals. They can be unpredictable and indecisive. They are often considered two-faced because they don’t like to pick sides.

This is partly because they were born during the autumnal equinox. The children of Vinograd are capricious at times, but they have delicate tastes and are knowledgeable about food, wine, music, and art.

Compatibility: Willow and Hazelnut.

 September 30 – October 27 according to the Celtic horoscope

Ivy. Type: Survivor.

Ivy is a spiritual soul who is often known as the “wounded healer” due to the amount of trials life has put them through. This is one of the most loyal, compassionate, and caring signs as they know all too well how to live in difficult conditions and suffering. They are always ready to help and support anyone who needs it.

They are born givers and rarely expect anything in return. They are soft, gentle, and caring souls, and what they need most is to be surrounded by people who will treat them with tenderness and attention. Unfortunately, due to their soft nature, they are often abused.

And although they understand this, they do not become bitter. Instead, they continue to live with an open heart and mind, which ultimately gives them strength, wisdom, and even greater levels of compassion.

Compatibility: Oak and ash.

October 28 – November 24 according to the Celtic horoscope

Cane. Type: Inquisitor.

Reed likes to look for hidden meaning in everything, hoping to find ancient knowledge and wisdom. Life is a mystery to the Reeds, and they know that every layer they uncover simply reveals more intrigue and possibility, especially when it comes to the hearts and minds of people.

This sign is often fascinated by conspiracy theories and figuring out the who, what and why. They make excellent journalists and detectives. Reeds have an abiding curiosity about life and restless souls who are sure to fish out whatever they want to know.

Compatibility: Reed, Ash, and Oak.

What kind of tree are you according to the Celtic horoscope? November 25 – December 23 according to the Celtic horoscope

Hawthorn. Type: Seeker.

They are very energetic, self-sufficient, and disciplined characters, and although they endure many hardships throughout their lives, they never lose their passion for life. They are free spirits who are honest and deeply philosophical and are usually perceived as the “wild child” of the Celtic zodiac.

They love change and live at a fast pace, which can sometimes look like they are being reckless. However, they are deeply thoughtful creatures who rely on intuition, wisdom, and inner knowing.

They have the belief that despite any turmoil they face, they can regenerate and renew themselves at incredibly fast speeds. These people are often underestimated and misunderstood, making them outcasts in society or the “black sheep” of the family.

Compatibility: According to the Celtic horoscope, Alder and Holly.

In addition, it plays a role whether there is a new moon on the birthday or a full moon. The new moon refers to the first two weeks of each particular sign, and the full moon refers to the third week. Those born on a new moon will be highly sensitive, intuitive, impulsive, introverted, and introspective.

Those born on a full moon are usually assertive, extroverted, sociable, expressive, and objective. Now you know what kind of tree you are according to the Celtic horoscope.

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