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What Is Your Angel According To The Sign Of The Zodiac? He Is Always By Your Side!

Your angels are constantly with you, you just need to be able to contact them. Find out who your angel is and what you need to ask him. Be sure to end your request with “In the name of the greater good” and thank the angel for your support later.

What is your angel according to your zodiac sign?

Macadiel. Aries sign.

You can turn to Makadiel if you do not dare to decide on something or make some kind of decision. He will endow you with such qualities as attentiveness and discretion, but at the same time, he will not make you indecisive. On the contrary, Makadiel will give you courage, love for life, and passion for achieving your goals.

How to contact Makadiel:

“Oh Makadiel, with faith and love I ask you to help me develop courage and love for life. Let my enthusiasm help me achieve victory. For the greater good.”

Colors: red, scarlet, orange, ruby, gold.
By adding the feeling of these colors to your invocation meditation, you will greatly enhance the effect of communicating with an angel.

Tual. Taurus sign.

Tual is the guardian angel of the family’s heart. It helps in love and romantic relationships, grants patience and a sense of responsibility, and gives a sense of security and confidence in the future.

How to contact Tuala:

“Oh, Tual, with faith and hope I ask you to help me in a love relationship. May your tender support help me on the path to finding happiness. For the greater good.”

Colors: emerald green, pink, and gold.

Ambriel. Gemini sign.

Ambriel is responsible for intelligence and diplomatic qualities. Contact him if you find it difficult to adapt to new conditions, or if you lack flexibility or have communication problems.

How to contact Ambriel:

“Oh, Ambriel, I turn to you with love and ask you to help me improve my diplomatic skills and ability to communicate with people. For the greater good.”

Colors: all shades of blue and white.

Muriel. Cancer sign.

Muriel helps in work and career matters. He will help you find a suitable job, and if you already have one, then learn to enjoy your chosen business. And also contact him if you want to improve your mood.

How to contact Muriel:

“Oh Muriel, with an open heart I ask for your loving support in getting me a good job. For the common good.”

Colors: yellow, pink, and white.

Verchiel. Leo sign.

Verchiel helps to become bold, become a creative person, gain leadership qualities, learn to inspire people, and serve as an example for them. Contact him if you want to fill your life with new energy or improve your health.

How to contact Verchiel:

“Oh Verchiel, grant me your loving support in gaining health (leadership, etc.) for the greater good.”

Colors: gold, yellow, orange.

Gamaliel. Virgo sign.

Hamaliel will help you become more thoughtful, accurate, collected, and truthful; will help improve social and personal relationships, and find inner peace and tranquility.

How to contact Hamaliel:

“Oh Hamaliel, I beg you, wrap me in your tender care and help me find harmony in relationships (inner peace, etc.) for the sake of the highest good.”

Colors: blue and green, gold and brown.

Zuriel. Libra sign.

Zuriel helps to make the right decision and find a balance. For example, the balance between work and personal life, or between body and spirit.

How to contact Zuriel:

“Oh, Zuriel, be with me so that I can make the right decisions, find time for both family and work. For the greater good.”

Colors: pink, lilac, green, crimson.

Barakiel. Scorpio sign.

Barakiel helps to understand oneself, to realize one’s true destiny, and to show one’s inner potential. It also makes people more insightful and helps to correctly assess the situation.

How to contact Barakiel:

“Oh, Barakiel, I’m hoping for your loving help in properly assessing the situation (understanding my true purpose, etc.) for the greater good.”

Colors: scarlet, coral, blue-green and turquoise.

Adnakiel. Sagittarius sign.

Adnakiel helps to get rid of complexes, internal clamps that prevent us from showing the best qualities that we have and realizing ourselves. Also, contact the angel if you lack optimism.

How to contact Adnakiel:

“Oh Adnakiel, with faith and hope, I ask you to show me my best sides and help me gain a more optimistic outlook on life. For the greater good.”

Colors: various shades of blue, turning into purple, it is possible to add gold.

Nadiel. Capricorn sign.

You can turn to Nadiel if you lack self-confidence or inner strength if you need to make sure that the choice or decision made is correct. Ask him for help if you can’t work out the inner core.

How to contact Nadiel:

“Oh, Nadiel, I ask you to help me gain the strength I need to achieve my highest goals. I accept your loving energy and bring out my best qualities. For the greater good.”

Colors: bronze, terracotta, green.

Cambiel. Sign of Aquarius.

Cambiel can help in the creative area of ​​your life. For example, to return inspiration. Also, this angel develops intuition, helps to establish relationships with people, and achieves inner harmony.

How to contact Cambiel:

“Oh, Kambiel, please fill me with the light of inspiration and help me find harmony and balance in everything that I do. For the greater good.”

Colors: blue, blue-green, silver, and amber.

Barakaiel. Pisces sign.

Barakaiel can help in areas such as vitality, extraordinary abilities, and sensitivity. Also, feel free to contact him if you want to become more attractive.

How to contact Barakaiel:

“Oh, Barakaiel, I appeal to you with love and ask you to help me find attractiveness in the eyes of people. I ask you to fill with your healing light those areas of my life that need improvement. For the greater good.”

Colors: crimson, blue-violet, dark blue, purple.

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