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Today’s Horoscope 1st September 2023


Today, Aries should not rush things. The phase of uncertainty, despondency, weakness, or forced waiting will last until the evening. Until evening comes, the stars advise taking care of your health, getting some sleep, or recuperating. But at the end of the day, it is advisable to return to form, as vigorous interaction with other people may be required, such as cooperation or fending off attacks.


The main part of this day will pass for Taurus in a passive mode of dreams, memories, or waiting. Many representatives of the sign, without noticing it themselves, will be partly seers or mystics and will remain connected to a secret source of inspiration or a “collective egregor” that is important to them. In the evening you will have to act according to the situation; you may need help or service in an ambiguous situation.


For the main part of this day, Gemini will have to be careful, as the streak of uncertainty or illusions will continue for them. There is a great risk of succumbing to suggestion. The stars recommend postponing signing documents, delaying approval of plans and important decisions, avoiding undertakings, and not rushing to conclusions in case of obsessive thoughts. Evening time is suitable for quick informal collaboration.


Before evening falls, the stars advise Cancers to rely on their intuition, memory, imagination, or faith: one of these sources will come in handy when they need to complete an unclear information picture, come to terms with a pause in a conversation, a trip delay, an error in the text or another forced hitch. In the evening, it is important to complement any decisive, purposeful impulse with diplomacy and a balance of interests.


Until evening comes, the stars advise Leos to remain cautious in all matters, and also not to forget about the basics of “psychological hygiene,” for example, the need to put a barrier to suggestions and negative emotions. You may remain distracted or relaxed until the end of the day, but the evening hours will provide a chance to catch up, especially with partnerships or support from afar.


Until the evening comes, Virgos will have to put up with a general ambiguity in the atmosphere or mysteries in the behavior of the right people. At this time, it is better not to look for allies and not to try to establish a constructive dialogue; you should not rush things and seek a final agreement at any cost. At the end of the day, beginnings are undesirable, but the stars advise promptly responding to a possible request or alarm.


For Libra, the stars suggest that a new turn of events is expected in the evening – especially if they are interested in active interaction with other people. It is at this time that they will need their initiative or the ability to pick up someone else’s, and in case of competition, their willingness to respond to a challenge will come in handy. The main part of the day can be devoted to a hidden routine, searching for lost items, or health concerns.


Before the evening comes, the stars recommend that Scorpios relax or engage in calm forms of creativity: this is the best way to receive spiritual or moral nourishment from a “higher source” or one’s past. In case of illness, it is important to have time to restore working capacity, because, at the end of the day, it will be needed. You may have to fulfill a partnership obligation or help someone.


Sagittarius can use the main part of this day for relaxation and solitude. Until evening comes, you can be in nature, in a quiet corner of the house, or in a secret refuge, where no one bothers you to indulge in memories and fantasies. But it is important to avoid possible side effects of such a regime, for example, falling into pessimism. The stars advise returning to an active lifestyle in the evening.


Until evening, Capricorns will be able to enjoy relative freedom, count on peace, or pause in current affairs. Depending on the situation and personal tastes, you can devote the bulk of this day to thinking about information, fantasizing, or relaxing. It is important to monitor your emotional background and avoid dark places and despondency. At the end of the day, an urgent task or urgent household chore may appear.


For Aquarius, the main part of this day is not very productive, but it can also be used sensibly, for example, to relax or sort out another portion of old things. It is recommended to refrain from purchases, payments, and new transactions, from working with important financial calculations and documents. The evening will be the most positive and productive; it can be marked by an urgent matter, a meeting, or a trip.


For the main part of this day, Pisces will have to think about themselves, but not in isolation: many Pisces will be forced to look at themselves through someone else’s eyes and doubt their professional reputation or role in relationships. It is important not to get ahead of yourself and take into account the inconclusive nature of any conversation. At the end of the day, urgent chores are possible; instead of the expected peace, the evening may pass in business or other bustle.

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