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What Is Your Lucky Day This Week According To Your Astrological Sign?

This week again, we decipher the celestial vault to tell you what the happiest day will be based on your astrological sign. Find out what your lucky day is the week of October 30 to November 5, 2023.

Every week, we comb through the stars to give you the luckiest day based on your astrological sign. In the sky, everything is constantly moving and from one day to the next, astrological trends are never the same. Are you feeling dizzy but still want more details than reading your weekly horoscope? We explain to you how a transit of Mercury on Monday or an alliance between Neptune and the Moon could bring you luck. No need to have completed “astrology LV2”, we translate the language of the sky to give you the trend of the week and allow you, who knows, to organize yourself better. Or at least, to leave on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday morning and say to yourself: “Today is a good day, the stars say so!” »

What day of this week is lucky for your astrological sign?

  • Aries’ lucky day: Sunday, November 5

Those who love to be the first everywhere will have to take this week of All Saints upon themselves to wait for their flagship day: Sunday. But it’s worth it. The Moon is in a friendly sector and the rest of the stars are responsible for brushing them in the direction of the hair. The message? ” Everything will be alright! »

  • Taurus’ lucky day: Monday, October 30

That day, the sky smiled on Taurus. In the sky, the Moon is still in its constellation for a few hours, forming a positive synergy with the other stars in Earth’s signs. The result is a more than comfortable Monday under the sign of abundance and luck

  • Gemini’s lucky day: Tuesday, October 31

The Moon visits them for Halloween, and Gemini takes the opportunity to be more playful and mischievous than ever. The day promises to be full of laughter, and magic tricks, and Geminis love the hustle and bustle of fancy dress parties. For them, it’s a bit like Christmas.

  • Cancer’s Lucky Day: Thursday, October 2

Their favorite star, the Moon, protects Cancer this Thursday, November 2. In these conditions, they feel more adventurous than usual. First steps on the heart side, judicious initiatives at work: Cancers capture attention. And for once, they don’t mind.

  • Leo’s lucky day: Sunday, November 5

This Scorpio season being particularly challenging for them, Leos will be delighted to know that they benefit from a quarter of an hour of glory all the same, this week. Sunday, the day of the Sun, is dedicated to them. Creativity, joy, and fun: they are nothing but love.

  • Virgo’s lucky day: Monday, October 30

Venus protects them. Virgos are on a roll this month, especially this Monday. The stars align to allow them to reveal themselves, take the lead, and have fun. This Monday, nothing can resist her, the Virgin does what she pleases.

  • Libra’s lucky day: Tuesday, October 31

Deserted by the stars for the first time in a long time, Libra is patient. But this Tuesday, as Fran Fine or Morticia Addams, she shines fully at the Halloween party where she is the hostess. The socialite of the zodiac is jubilant.

  • Scorpio’s lucky day: Thursday, November 2

Heaven is rolling out the red carpet for them this week. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and even the Moon agree to grant Scorpio an exceptional Thursday. The theme of the day? Personal evolution. The decisions taken bear fruit, Jupiter takes care of it.

  • Sagittarius’ lucky day: Sunday, November 5

This month of November particularly pampers them. The Sagittarians have a little extra luck this Sunday. The Moon in Leo awakens their passion, and their ardor, and gives them the necessary enthusiasm and desire, the desire to want.

  • Capricorn’s lucky day: Monday, October 30

They are fully protected by the stars. Capricorns are enjoying a very lucky Monday in all areas. At work, in love, things move in their direction. Good management of their finances will undoubtedly even earn them a bonus.

  • Aquarius’ lucky day: Tuesday, October 31

They are accumulating flashes of genius this Tuesday. Eccentric Aquarius people feel free to explore without restriction. A wind of freedom that gives them the confidence to think (even more) off the beaten track, seduce, laugh, and share.

  • Pisces’ lucky day: Thursday, November 2

Thanks to Neptune which joins with the other stars to offer a very beautiful day from Jupiter to the Water signs, Pisces is swimming in pleasure. Everything is soft and easy. They feel good and naturally, they attract great opportunities this Thursday. When the weekend arrives, “What else?” “.

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