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What Is Your Zodiac Sign In Bulgakov’s The Master And Margarita?

What is your zodiac sign in Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita?¬†This horoscope is comic, but, as you know, there is some truth in every joke ūüôā

Aries: the fifth procurator of Judea, the equestrian Pontius Pilate

Impulsive and honest, he always has his own opinion, although he hides it out of caution. The fiery essence of the hegemon reaches out to a high ideal, to the light of truth and truth, and Fate rewards him with a meeting with Yeshua, in fact, his Alter ego. The son of the astrologer king, in a long white cloak with bloody lining (the sacred colors of the Lamb), will not tolerate betrayal, and the inglorious fate of Judas is an example of this.

Taurus: Professor Ivan Nikolaevich Ponyrev, former poet Ivanushka Bezdomny

Stubborn, and materialistic, they saw a clear prospect in front of him, and, by chance, completely changed his worldview. Such an alchemical transmutation is characteristic of the ruler of Taurus, Proserpine. When he is agitated or drunk, he is violent and smashes the dishes. When he is calm, high wisdom and love for every creature shine in his eyes. Solar sign of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov (born May 15).

Gemini: inventor and joker Koroviev

Damn intellectual, enterprising, he will never reach into his pocket for a word.¬†Bassoon has a natural sense of humor, and sociability, and knows how to win people over. We admit that the comrade-regent is sometimes very poisonous, but how accurately he sees other people’s shortcomings!¬†And duality is the main feature of Gemini. Koroviev’s true chivalrous nature, refined, sad, and intelligent, is hidden under the dagger or jester’s mask.

Cancer: Master

His meditations under the full moon, the lunar road in the epilogue of the novel Рall this is not just. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, fickle, changeable, and unsteady. If there is no source of light, whether it be the divine inspiration of insight or the love and tenderness of a completely earthly woman, the mirror of the Moon will not be able to broadcast its magical platinum glow into the world. These are Cancers, they need support, love, and family.

Leo: Margarita Nikolaevna, carnal love and heavenly muse of the master

Ruled by the Sun, it warms, illuminates the path, and inspires others. The moon and the sun are the master and Margarita. Leo is bright, and practical, and knows how to be a leader and make decisions. She loves gold and yellow, remember her bouquet at the first meeting? And how did the master obey his yellow sign? With all his strength, Leo is compassionate towards the grief of others РMargarita did not ask Woland for herself, but for the terrible sinner Frida. They have goodness in their blood.

Virgo: a man in a gray hood – Aphranius

Balanced, logical, intelligent, and hardworking, here he is – the head of the secret service of Pontius Pilate. ‚ÄúAmazing diligence for everyone,‚ÄĚ the hegemon remarks about a valuable assistant.¬†Aphranius is cold and calm, and very fond of detailed instructions. Interestingly, astrologically, the Aries-Virgo pair correlates like a boss – a subordinate.¬†The maiden is polite and outwardly tidy, remember Aphranius’ neatly tied hair. But he will not miss his own – even Pilate “repays his debt.”

Libra: Rimsky Grigory Danilovich, financial director of Variety

He loves art and often finds himself in this field of activity.¬†Rimsky, for example, went from Variety to the theater of children’s puppets, and not to the bank, mind you.¬†Libra sees the problem from both sides, they can find a reasonable explanation for any miracle.¬†This is their strong point.

But there are also weaknesses – passivity, and indecision. They do not like pressure and do not tolerate it for a long time.¬†They simply run away from him, like the financial director ‚Äúon a courier‚ÄĚ to Northern Palmyra.

Scorpio: a small but athletic Azazello with a canine protruding from his mouth

Energetic, and insightful, he likes to control people and is ready to use force. At his suggestion, Styopa was thrown into Yalta, and he beat poor Varenukha in the closet. Scorpio instantly thinks, and makes decisions, while possessing a considerable amount of deceit. The mythological Azazello is a gloomy demon of the desert who will easily bring you a bowl of poison, remember the reincarnation murder of the master and his beloved?

Sagittarius: Director of the Variety Theater Styopa Likhodeev

The mission of Sagittarius is always and in everything to go beyond, whether it be forced teleportation from Moscow to Yalta or a nomenclature transfer to Rostov to the position of head of a deli. Stepan Bogdanovich is not a fool to drink and court a lady from the bottom of his heart. Sagittarians love all the pleasures of life and even in difficult times do not lose their optimism. They are characterized by the breadth of nature, expressiveness, and at the same time thoughtfulness and ability to lead.

Capricorn: professor of black magic Woland

It embodies the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčpower, in this case, one of its poles.¬†“Part of that power that always wants evil and always does well.” Sometimes sad, sometimes philosophical, in fact, the bearer of karmic justice.¬†Capricorns are influential, calm, and superbly lead others, although sometimes they are heavy.

Human passions, and lofty feelings, like love or compassion, surprise and touch Messire, an icy angel, once cast down into the underworld by a stronger hand.

Aquarius: Behemoth cat

It is this playful and unpredictable animal that is symbolically associated with the innovative nature of Aquarius. The cat loves technology Рhe rides a tram, fires a pistol, or repairs a primus stove. Like any Aquarius, he is original and unconventional in his actions, and for the occasion, he keeps the mask of the holy fool.

A strong union in astrology is Gemini and Aquarius, here you have the ‚Äúinseparable couple‚ÄĚ Koroviev and Behemoth.¬†You look – a cat, but no, take a closer look – a short comrade in a sweatshirt, but Muscovites do not understand!

Pisces: Yeshua Ha-Nozri

Deep, compassionate, offering sacrifice in atonement for all the lost in this imperfect world.¬†Fish were the symbol of early Christianity.¬†Pisces people suffer sincerely and courageously, but they are by no means mild-mannered, for them, all people are ‚Äúgood people‚ÄĚ. Understanding and forgiving Yeshua is an attribute of eternity and higher Love.

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