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The Most Unbalanced Zodiac Signs

If someone has the glory of an unbalanced person, then it appeared for a reason. Of course, sometimes a non-standard situation can be unbalanced. But when this is repeated for various reasons, it is time to ask under what sign of the zodiac he was born.

Here are the most unbalanced zodiac signs

Due to a certain influence of the planets, which determine the traits of a person’s character, the most unbalanced signs can be named. Ready to get to know them?


“From Laughter to Tears – one step” – is about the dual nature of Gemini, which can flare up like a match if something seems offensive to them literally out of the blue. Although they, without hesitation, can hurt a person with a careless word. So close to a fight.


Classic stubbornness, combined with a desire to stand out and please everyone, leads Aries to emotional instability. Especially if you are not on his side and criticize.

To achieve the recognition and approval of others, they are ready to rush to the attack. Scandal guaranteed!


Their behavior is at the same time a hurricane, an earthquake, and a landslide that knockdown and cover not only the opponent but also Scorpio himself.

The only plus is that they can quickly return to a calm state, but they will remember the reason for their violent outburst well.


“Armed and very dangerous” – this is about Sagittarius, who is very easy to start up and immediately go on the attack, regardless of the personality and number of those present. They can make a scandal with ease, fueled by the “fiery” element of their sign and confidence in their remarkable strength. Even if they are wrong, they will bring the “battle” to the end, since aggressiveness must be given an outlet.

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