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What Numbers Attract Good Luck: The Opinion Of Astrologers

Do you have your lucky number? Then check if it is included in the list of experts!

We all know that 13 is bad luck, but what about numbers that have the opposite effect? This is what astrologers believe you need to surround yourself with to catch luck by the tail.

Zero – 0

As psychic and bestselling author Jamie Gomez explains, zero is not the void as we tend to think, but “the beginning, the cycle and the infinite potential of the Universe.” If you constantly see three zeros, then be careful – not just luck awaits you, but Luck with a capital L – well, or a real spiritual awakening and a moment of true enlightenment.

Eight – 8

Jamie believes that eight is considered lucky in astrology for the same reason as zero – it looks like an infinity sign. Astrologer, psychic, and mind reader Emily Newman adds that many cultures associate the number eight with wealth, abundance, and financial success.

Three – 3

This number is most often called lucky: according to astrologer Rachel Clare, this is because the number three is associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good luck. There is another reason why the number three is magical: as Rachel explains, we live in a world full of triads – for example, we have a past, present, and future, and space has three dimensions. Astrologer and numerologist Sidharth Kumar also advises using the number 33: “It gives a person confidence in himself and his abilities, which helps him achieve his goals,” he says.

Five – 5

The number five, says Claire, has symbolized good luck in different cultures for many centuries, from the five elements – earth, water, fire, metal, and wood – in ancient Chinese philosophy to the five-pointed star, which became an image of harmony in the sacred union of heaven and earth.

Six – 6

According to Rachel, in astrology, the number six is ​​associated with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and as such, the number six has a reputation for bringing good luck when it comes to relationships, romance, and marriage. It is believed that people who feel a strong connection with a six can build stronger alliances and are also always lucky in love.

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