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What Phrase Makes You Furious, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We are all completely different, and sometimes the most harmless phrase that escapes your lips can cause someone a huge offense. And if you tell it to someone else, then he may not even pay any attention to it. It all depends on the sign of the zodiac and the nature of the person. Let’s find out what phrases infuriate each zodiac sign! About Gemini to the point!

The peculiarity of words is that they cannot be returned when they are spoken. That is why we must think before we speak. Some certain phrases and statements piss off every sign of the zodiac. So, to be on the safe side, here is a list of what you should never say to every zodiac.

What phrase makes you furious, according to your zodiac sign?


“Wait” or “I’ll call you later”

People belonging to this zodiac are by nature very restless and anxious. They hate being made to wait. Therefore, never say words like “I’ll call you later” to them because they will inevitably overestimate the situation, and this will eventually damage their ego.


“I’m watching you”

Taurus hates to have their movements scrutinized. He can’t stand narcissistic people who praise themselves. They hate self-promotion. You will probably make things worse by putting more pressure on them by saying things like “I’m watching you.” They don’t like being held in check.


“Keep quiet”

People belonging to this zodiac sign are known for their expressiveness and sociability, so comments such as  “Please be quiet” or “Can’t you be silent?” can hurt their egos and make them angry.

In addition, you should not bother them about why they are silent or not smiling. They are orderly, reasonable people and mood is important to them. They behave the way they feel at the moment, and it’s none of your business why it happens that way. So stop asking them. Moreover, most often they smile and are happy in life. What, you can’t be serious anymore?


“Let me speak first”

Cancerians hate to be stopped or asked to delay their statements. They consider it very disrespectful. They also don’t want their schedule to be changed, so try to never change the set time.

5. LEO:

“She/he looks better in this”

Representatives of this sign are aware of their beauty and appearance. So don’t tell them things like someone else “looks better in this”, or” this doesn’t suit/suit you very well”It will only make them dislike you.


“I don’t care what you think”

Let’s start with the announcement that they are grammar Nazis. For them, grammatical errors are a huge obstacle. They are modest, but they hate stupid people and those who do not respect their opinion. Virgos believe that if they do not want to listen, then they are not respected and neglected. They don’t like being told “Your opinion doesn’t matter” or “I don’t care what you think”.


“Decide Faster”

Everyone knows that Libras hate to be rushed, just as they don’t like to be forced to choose. Statements such as “decide quickly”, “you must choose one of the two”, and “make a decision”And the phrase “I want to know right now” puts a lot of pressure on them. They hate being in this situation.

One little thing that annoys Libras is when they are told to turn down the music volume. They are groovy quirky people and hate anyone who kills their atmosphere.



They are very sensitive. Hate the feeling of being replaced by a friend or partner. Scorpios are also allergic to words like “ultimatum”. This puts unnecessary pressure on them and they are less likely to perform at their best.


“I have the hardest life”

These are optimistic people. That’s the reason they don’t entertain people who say negative things like “My life is the hardest”, or “I’m unlucky”. These people do not believe in the eternal complaints of their acquaintances. They don’t understand the point of complaining. Instead, they do everything to make their lives better.

They find solutions to problems. Sagittarians are very active, they do not like people who live their lives like a dead duck. How boring it is to always stay at home and not want to go out. They can’t be friends with those.


“Why do you always do this?”

Capricorns hate to be judged, so when someone says statements like “Why do you always do this?” or “You will never stop doing it”, they start to realize it and feel condemned. They also hate borrowing and lending money because they think it will affect their relationship in the future and may even destroy it.


“It’s a stupid idea”

They get hurt rather than angry when someone doesn’t respect or appreciate their idea. It makes them feel incompetent and stupid. Therefore, you need to be careful with your choice of words when you comment on an idea that comes from Aquarius.

They also hate when someone cleans up their mess. They love doing their job. This makes them feel like they are in control of their lives and everything that happens in it.


“I heard them talking about you”

People belonging to this zodiac sign do not like to be part of gossip. They are not entertained by this, so Pisces are not interested in gossip. However, when they speak badly of them, it infuriates them. They care what others think of them.

Some people work best when their egos are aroused. Pisces are not one of them. They hate to be put down, and it hurts their self-respect to be told that they are incapable of completing a particular task. When they do not believe in them, it is tantamount to collapse.

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