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What To Expect From This Aries: How Men Of Different Zodiac Signs Behave On A First Date

Happy Friday! Today our Magic Ball tells you what to expect from a man on a first date – depending on his zodiac sign, of course!


Going on a date with a Capricorn is worse than an interview with an intergalactic corporation, because not only will you have to answer tricky questions, but you will also have time to eat and drink like a lady, make sweet jokes, and demonstrate that you are well versed in the Sauvignon Blanc harvest 2007. On the other hand, after such a date you will be accepted into the intergalactic corporation – as a particularly stress-resistant employee.


You need to prepare very carefully for a date with Aquarius: dressing up and spending 40 minutes on styling is not necessary at all, but you need to replenish your first aid kit and run for mineral water. Aquarius loves it when a date is fun, and fun in his understanding is to wander through all the bars from the beginning of the street until five in the morning. But he understands drinks like no one else – and he will teach you.


A first date with Pisces is such a special evening that you can immediately erase it from your life, because it’s not worth washing your hair, honestly: Pisces are shy, mumble, fall silent in the middle of a conversation, and wipe their sweaty palms on the tablecloth. This is all because he wants and wants (not what you thought, but to let you into his rich inner world). In general, this is the case when you need to give a guy a chance on a second date, an abyss may open up in him, full of stars. But it is not exactly.


Take a stopwatch with you and time the minute at which he exclaims “Let’s go to the rooms!” because he has already made a decision, and why waste time? If you refuse him, he will press you to a certain limit, and when he gets tired of banging his forehead against a closed door, he will certainly get drunk. But drinking with an Aries is a lot of fun, by the way. Yes, and we recommend rooms, so why be shy there?


A classic date, boring to the point of gnashing your teeth. But the restaurant will be French, not Mexican, the bouquet will be expensive, but decent, and the conversations will be boring, but safe. In short, Taurus goes on dates the same way an excellent student in first grade reads poetry on the blackboard: extremely diligently but wants it to end as soon as possible. On the other hand, you will have a reason to take your dress for a walk, and, most importantly, Taurus will diligently feed you tasty food. We recommend that you don’t be shy and order the best of everything – that’s how you’ll win him over few people are as knowledgeable about good food as Taurus.


Geminis don’t care what kind of date it is, the first or the twentieth – they always behave the same: they talk without shutting up for a minute. What’s worse is that you will be required to actively participate in the conversation, otherwise, he won’t play. So we recommend reading Wikipedia the day before – he will tell you everything about himself in the first 10 minutes, he will learn about you in the next five, and then you will move on to Operation Barbarossa. I mean, to the question of what went wrong there. But, if you survive this stage, you will hit the jackpot: then he will start making you laugh, and, believe me, you will not forget this show.


Mr. Romance will give you such a romance that you will tell your great-granddaughters about it, even if by that time you will have forgotten who these cute girls are – because this date will be engraved in your memory forever. True, we cannot say what exactly it will be remembered for: it’s like a 50/50 chance of meeting a dinosaur. Either you will be delighted, or you will curse this arthropod with all its romance on the roof. In November. In the freezing rain. In Kapotnya.


Leo will amaze you with his generosity and scope. The main thing is to immediately begin to admire him, otherwise, he will decide that the scope is insufficient and will swing as it should. And you will have to take part in this attraction of unheard-of splendor (we are afraid that Kirkorov will certainly be there too)


Ta-damm! This is the same man who will arrange the perfect date for you, exactly according to your taste. Because while you were chatting, he managed to quietly launch a brain slug into your head, and now he knows everything about you. There’s only one problem: you’ll enjoy the date to the fullest, but you’ll hardly remember whether there was a guy there at all and which one because Virgo will adapt to you so much. So take a wand with you and you’ll poke him: maybe out of surprise he’ll speak human instead of gallant.


Charming, charming, well-mannered, and unusually gallant Libra will talk about this throughout the date. I mean, about how charming they are, how well-mannered they are, and further in the text. Fortunately, they can speak like real speakers, so you won’t be bored, but you won’t be able to change the topic. Just don’t offer sex right away: he’ll shut up, of course, but he’ll get scared and run away.


On a date with a Scorpio, you need to relax and have fun – or rather, you have to do it, whether you want it or not. He will dominate in everything – from the choice of location to the topic of conversation. Well, all this will be very interesting – if, of course, you are interested in dangerous and poisonous fauna. You don’t have to fear for your maiden honor – he sincerely imagines that you are languishing with desire, and he is tormenting you (ha-ha). Okay, who are we kidding – you will languish, yes.


Sagittarius is fun – everyone says that this is the most important thing, but our Magic Ball carefully hints that it is also dangerous with Sagittarius. Not in the sense that he will harm you, but he could easily decide that it’s fun to go to the cemetery after the bar, get a horse’s skull out of the trunk, and go scare the watchman. No, it’s funny!

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