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What are your flaws according to your sign in the Chinese zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is based on 12 signs symbolized by 12 different animals. Find out what your Chinese zodiac sign is and what your biggest flaws are!

What are your flaws according to your sign in the Chinese zodiac



You can be very mysterious and secretive. You mislead to get what you want or to benefit in some way.

Sometimes you can be extremely hard to please and have standards that no one can reach. There are times when you let your insecurities bring out the worst in you.

You become dishonest, hasty and restless. You can also be aggressive, petty and like to isolate yourself.


You can be too severe, have a terrible temper, and become rigid to the point where no one can get you to change. You despise being contradicted and can have sudden outbursts of anger.

You do not tolerate those who are not loyal, and you are capable of resentment that you will never let go of if you are betrayed.

You can be possessive, stubborn, jealous and vindictive.


You tend to be careless, rebellious and undisciplined. You often act without thinking ahead, which could have serious consequences.

Sometimes you can suffer from excessive envy, haste and harshness. You can also be bossy and think you are superior to others.


You are a secretive person who takes offense very easily. You hate taking the blame and prefer to project it onto someone else

You may be self-centered and, in extreme forms, you may show narcissism and cowardice.


You can be temperamental and demanding. Try not to channel negativity inward, because the self-destruction you are capable of is very serious.

You can be domineering and selfish. You judge and criticize without measure.


You are secretive, deceitful and often act scheming. Sometimes you can be jealous and very attached and protective of your things.

You become dishonest, vindictive and stubborn. You may use your energy in negative ways or in ways that make you seem selfish.


You are selfish and think that everything in the world belongs to you. You believe you are entitled to anything and act accordingly.

The worst version of you is when you are selfish and aggressive. You can exhibit relentless and risky behaviors.

Goat (or Sheep)

Your behavior is irresponsible and impulsive. When you’re not at your best, decision-making is something you fail at, and you become extremely irritated and unhappy because of it.

You tend to postpone various plans, things or activities depending on others or become lazy.

You constantly complain when something doesn’t go your way and adopt negative thinking.

The monkey

When you’re in a bad mood, you seem a bit opportunistic. You also face mistrust of others.

You exhibit arrogant and suspicious behavior. If you allow negativity to get hold of you, you can experience serious problems in the relationships in your life.


You can be sarcastic and sometimes this can make you come off as mean and rude. When you’re having a bad time, you can be almost sadistic.

You can be very critical and obsessed with yourself and how you look or feel. Your dark personality is centered around one theme: self-centeredness.


The dark side of your personality involves being restless, secretive and paranoid. You can become possessive and get involved in unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships.

Your negative energy is depicted through anxiety, pessimism, depression and addictive behaviors.

Boar (or Pig)

It’s hard to imagine that you have a dark side, but every zodiac sign has one. You avoid making decisions and use all kinds of excuses for it. You may intentionally seek out neurotic, control-obsessed partners to balance everything out, but you usually get the complete opposite effect.

When you have a bad moment, you fall down and lack motivation.

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