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What Type Of Intelligence Do You Have, According To Your Zodiac Sign.

Each sign of the zodiac has a characteristic type of intelligence. In the field of astrology, it is necessary to understand that the elements and planets have a certain intelligence. When these factors are combined, this is what gives each sign of the zodiac a personality trait.

What type of intelligence do you have, according to your zodiac sign:


Self-confidence is what makes Aries’s intelligence stronger. With Mars as their ruling planet, which is a fire sign, people of this sign have tremendous confidence that is designed to achieve their goals. Aries is so confident that they can achieve everything they aspire to, they give those around them absolute confidence to follow them. This gives them great value when it comes to building a business. Another advantage of the intelligence of this sign is that he does not waste time on meaningless things. This quality allows Aries to have all the necessary power to perform actions.


The type of intelligence that characterizes the sign of Taurus, shapes everything they want. Because of this, Taurus knows perfectly well what he wants and will do everything possible to get it in the best possible way. Being fully aware of everything you need allows people belonging to this sign to relax and plan.

One of the things that also show Tauru’s intelligence is a negative attitude toward easily changing decisions or directions. If Taurus has set a goal for themselves, nothing else will prevent them from achieving it. They are often accused of being stubborn because of this, but this is a sign that will go all the way until their dreams come true.


This is one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac. His intellect is communicative, mental, and verbal. That is why no other sign could compare with his in this characteristic. Mercury, the planet that rules this sign, was, according to mythology, a god-messenger, merchant, and swindler. Thus, he was responsible for conveying messages from the gods to people. For this reason, the intelligence that Gemini has lies in its ability to connect different things by correctly understanding the existing similarities, which is reflected in the image presented by Gemini. Another explanation is that the type of intelligence in this sign has bridges that bring things together, and this is important for achieving happiness.


The element of water is what constitutes the intellect in Cancer, as is the Moon. This is because Cancer has a great imagination, photographic memory, and boundless intuition. Thus, their type of intelligence is emotional and enables them to empathize with others. This kind of intelligence is necessary for a relationship to be happy and healthy at the same time.


The desire for individuality is Leo’s intelligence, but in a sense, he also has intelligence regarding the evaluation of his ego. Leos reflect their intelligence when they want to stand out, making them more dramatic, and creative and giving them a lot of expression. Such a special brightness is because the Sun is their ruling star, so this sign always wants to share the joy of life with others. Leo has extraordinary power when it comes to project management, but it’s all thanks to their charisma.


Just as it happens with Gemini, Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Even so, her element, earth, offers them both organizational and analytical possibilities. Virgo has a unique intelligence compared to the rest of the zodiac signs, and this has to do with order. Virgos are very good at planning and making sure their plans are carried out.

Such intelligence, which is to put everything where it should be, offers Virgo the ability to be critical and have great logical abilities, which allows her to solve problems with a lot of arguments.


The term “intellect” comes from the Latin language, where “Inter” means “between” and “Legere” means “to read” or also “to choose”. Following this definition, we find that intelligence in the sign of Libra lies in the ability to choose the knowledge that a person has. This also applies to choosing how to act in different situations.

The image of the scale is a representation of this sign, so it is believed that everything should remain in perfect balance. That’s where Libra’s vision of the world is. In addition, this type of intelligence allows Libra to observe both sides of the coin very well, they can compare different concepts. Therefore, it is not surprising that people of this sign have righteous qualities.


The intelligence of Scorpio is very similar to that of Libra. This refers to the fact that they have the opportunity to observe the case from different angles without any prejudice. They are not afraid to plunge into the darkest part of themselves and others. All this is done to find some hidden treasure. In addition to this, they have a very interesting intuition, and this is confirmed by the fact that water is their element. Therefore, the ability of the Scorpio sign to observe is what characterizes its intelligence.


Fire is the element to which Sagittarius belongs, and his mind is based on this element. Sagittarius always wants to go very far, through philosophy or even religion they will get to the truth. New knowledge is always their hobby, they also bring new ideas to life to constantly grow and develop. Similarly, another thing that defines the type of intelligence in this zodiac sign is joy. But love, curiosity, and the desire to know everything are added to this.


Faith in something that rules everything and experience is what makes up Capricorn’s intelligence. You know for sure that by following a certain path, you can get where you want, offering you the gifts of perseverance, perseverance, and respect for authority.

Saturn is the planet that rules this zodiac sign and it is a symbol of old age. Hence, it is one of the signs of the zodiac with a wisdom-based intellect, thanks to all the knowledge accumulated over the years and the experience gained.


The planet that rules this sign is Uranus, which in the astrological realm represents the original, the destructive, and the transpersonal.

Thus, Aquarians have a mind that allows them to see everyone as if they were themselves. But at the same time, they are independent in their thoughts, which gives them a very characteristic inspiration. Although Aquarians have a great group mind, they are not afraid to think alone. That is why their thought is endowed with special originality.


Pisces have an intellect full of intuition, thanks to the water element. Also, since it is ruled by Neptune and the oceans, it can be said that it is also ruled by artistic expression.

It is well known that Pisces has great empathy and sensitivity to emotions – qualities that encourage them to develop artistic skills such as music, and drawing. Intuitiveness also gives you the ability to know how to communicate with others without getting frustrated.

If we group the signs a little by a certain type of intelligence, several signs may have the same intelligence. Here are some of these types:

Spatial intelligence:

Aquarius, Cancer, and Aries both have this intelligence as they are signs that can learn through images.

Kinetic and physical intelligence:

This group has Aquarius again, but also Sagittarius and Gemini. The intelligence of the kinetic and physical type is found in those who express their abilities and how they use their body. This means that they learn and think through the body.

Spiritual Intelligence:

An intelligence that requires sensitivity and the ability to answer deep questions about human existence. This is where Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio are – this is how they reach their maximum inner potential.

Intrapersonal Intelligence:

Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, and Taurus have an intellect that requires the inclination and ability to turn inward. They know themselves perfectly, they have a concrete idea of ​​what they are and what they are capable of.

Interpersonal Intelligence:

Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are part of the interpersonal intelligence group. These zodiac signs recognize people easily and are very sociable. They observe the general behavior of people and all the necessary details, which allows them to understand others very well.

Naturalistic Intelligence:

The signs that have this intelligence are Cancer, Aries, and Libra. They love everything related to nature and also adore their surroundings.

They can observe nature wherever they are. They remember places very well, they understand different situations and know how to deal with them.

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