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What Will Be Your Lucky/unlucky Color For 2023?

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Colors play a bigger role in our lives, even if we don’t realize it.

They influence our emotions, our moods, and our thoughts.

A world without colors would be boring.

We treat colors as energy, which is why a certain color can evoke positive or negative energy in you.

If you know which color suits you, you can enjoy its benefits and improve your daily life.

Each astrological sign has its lucky color for the year 2023.

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But also its unlucky color!

So stay away from colors that will only bring you bad luck next year.


Lucky color: red

Unlucky colors: blue, green, black

It is a known fact that Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

No wonder, then, that red is considered your lucky color in 2023 and life.

This color represents energy and aggression.

It’s the perfect representation of your fiery and wild nature.

As an Aries, you should avoid colors opposite to the colors of Mars.

They are blue, green and black.


Lucky colors: white, pink

Unlucky colors: yellow, red

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you may have felt that wearing white and pink made you feel very good.

Green is also a great option for you, as it is associated with Earth, an element associated with the planet Venus.

All these colors bring positive energy to adapt.

If you want to be lucky in love and with money in 2023, buy pink and white things.

Many astrologers believe that Taurus should avoid colors like red or yellow.

They will stir up anger and aggression in you, and no one likes to feel out of control with their emotions.


Lucky colors: yellow, green

Unlucky color: black

Colors like green and yellow will bring a lot of positivity and success into your life if you were born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

They will bring you happiness and make you feel better.

As a Gemini, you are also ruled by Mercury, which is why pink and white can be lucky colors along with green and yellow.

You can make a strong connection with all of these colors as they allow you to relax and calm down after long periods of stress or anger.

If you don’t want bad luck, you should avoid the color black, just like Aries.

Black will lower your mood and make you sad.


Lucky colors: white, red, silver, gold

Unlucky colors: too dark or too light

People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are influenced by the Moon.

Colors like white, red, silver, gold, or even yellow can help you attract positive energy and happiness.

They represent your warm, sensitive, and tender personality.

However, you should avoid extreme colors somehow.

If a color is too dark or too light, it will affect your happiness.


Lucky colors: yellow, orange

Unlucky colors: gray, dark colors

It’s no surprise that the most confident zodiac sign is ruled by the sun.

When we think of the sun, we immediately associate it with the colors yellow, orange, and red, the perfect lucky colors for a Leo.

They not only show your confident and open personality but also bring a lot of positive energy.

Wearing these colors makes you more likely to attract success at work and look confident too.

On the other hand, it would be a good idea for you to avoid colors like gray or colors that are too dark in 2023.

They don’t define your aura and they won’t do you any good.


Lucky colors: blue, green

Unlucky color: red

Astrology believes that Virgo’s lucky colors in 2023 will be blue, green, and even light yellow.

They will help you succeed both privately and professionally.

Another great thing is that these colors complement each other well, so you can wear them together and shine in a crowd.

Green is always a good choice for you because it brings out your more sophisticated side.

It draws particular attention to your way of speaking and your general aura.

Hence, it will attract more positive relationships into your life.

The color to avoid at all costs is red, it will interfere with all your desires for next year and limit your chances of success.


Lucky colors: orange, white

Unlucky color: red

The natives of Libra are ruled by the planet Venus.

So for 2023, it’s a good idea to choose colors like orange and white, because they go well with your planet.

These colors will also help you feel more spiritual, which is important for dealing with difficult situations next year.

One color you should never choose is red, it will make you irritable and distracting.

Red will also bring you a lot of trouble and mental fatigue.


Lucky colors: red, orange

Unlucky colors: blue, green

As a Scorpio, you are internally tolerant and generous, but you have a hot temper.

You can be stubborn and bossy, but also deep and emotional.

You need to choose colors that balance you.

White, red, and orange are colors that astrologers believe will bring you good luck in 2023.

They match your personality type and bring out the best in you.

Other people are more likely to see you in a better light if you wear red or orange.

The colors to avoid next year are blue and green.

They bring a lack of emotion and a coldness to your personality, which you certainly don’t need.


Lucky colors: yellow, orange

Unlucky color: blue

If you were born under the protection of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, colors like dark yellow or orange are perfect for you.

They show that you are full of optimism, joy, and love of life.

Since the planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the color green is also a good choice for you.

Wearing these colors will make you more handsome/beautiful and bring you happiness.

You will also protect yourself with your lucky colors because sometimes you trust the wrong people!

This side of your personality is also why you should avoid the color blue.

Blue makes you way too optimistic and unrealistic, which is bad luck because blind faith leads you in the wrong direction.


Lucky colors: black, purple

Unlucky colors: yellow, red

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is ruled by the beautiful and mysterious planet Saturn.

That’s why you should choose colors like black and purple if you want to attract more positive energy into your life.

These colors also help calm you down when you are anxious.

They bring you more peace and give you patience, which is important.

Also, try incorporating more black accessories into your outfits.

Astrologers believe that 2023 will be a difficult year for Capricorns, which is why you should avoid your unlucky colors at all costs!

If you don’t, you will attract bad energy and sabotage the good things the Universe has planned for you next year.


Lucky colors: blue, purple

Unlucky color: green

It’s no surprise that the lucky colors of Aquarius are light blue and shades of purple.

They bring luck.

If you wear them, you minimize problems at work.

Your social and love life will also improve significantly.

If you want to maintain stability and balance in your life, stay away from the color green.

It will only get you in trouble and give you a lot of headaches.


Lucky colors: yellow, orange, pink

Unlucky color: black

Pisces is a very important water sign.

Their specific categorization makes this zodiac sign have a dual nature.

Yellow and orange could be very lucky colors for you as a Pisces in 2023.

This should make perfect sense, as these colors harmonize well with Jupiter – the ruling planet of Pisces.

If you are looking for more inspiration, especially for work or in a romantic relationship, pink is also a good choice.

An unlucky color to avoid is black.

It will cause you to fall into a deep pit of sadness and negative thoughts.

Your positive nature needs bright colors and can’t handle the darkness and sadness of black.

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