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What You Do To Distance From Someone According To Your Zodiac Sign

All of us at some point in our lives have wanted to distance ourselves from someone because it is not good for us or simply is not in our mood. Some of us have a harder time than others, but in the end, we all know what to do to stop relating to that person who torments us so much. If you want to know what you do to distance yourself from someone based on your zodiac sign, just keep reading:


Aries, when you want to distance yourself from someone, the first thing you do is start to reply dryly to all their messages, you want to distance yourself little by little so that the other person does not feel bad at all. You take forever to answer to see if the other person realizes what is happening, but in reality, you know that the best thing you can do is tell the truth. Do not prolong something that is totally unavoidable.


Taurus, when you want to distance yourself from someone slowly, what you do is keep saying that you’re busy and that you don’t have time for anything. You act like you have a schedule full of plans to do when really the only plan you have is to lie on the couch. Taurus, you don’t like to be like that, but you’re too lazy to start a conversation like that, do you prefer to act like that and let the other person decide to distance themselves?


Gemini, you are not an extremely affectionate person, but when you care about someone, you are. When you want to distance yourself from someone, what you do is decrease all those hugs and kisses that you used to give them. You act cold and unapproachable when you have never been like that with that person and the truth is that this is the only thing that makes things much more complicated. Try to be clear with your feelings and don’t overthink things.


Cancer, you are a very attentive, thoughtful, and affectionate person, that’s why when you want to distance yourself from someone slowly it shows a lot. You stop being the first to all the places with the intention that the other person realizes that you are no longer interested. You only respond to messages, you are not the one who writes first and you prefer not to show any kind of affection. When someone gets between your eyebrows, there is no going back.


Leo, you are a person who likes to have the attention of the whole world and that is why you show too much when you want to distance yourself from someone. You completely disappear from his world and you don’t care if he pays attention to you or not. You prefer that he focus on your life and leave you alone. You do not answer messages and dodge that person if you meet them on the street. You’re not fake, but you don’t like wasting time with people who don’t deserve it.


Virgo, you are a pretty responsible person in every way, so when you feel like it’s time to distance yourself from someone, you just have a conversation with that person and do it. At first, it hurts because he is an important person in your life, but over time you will appreciate your decision. You do not like to waste time in your life with people who do not know how to value you and that is why you prefer to put an end to it before it is too late.


Libra, you are a very detailed person, you are always aware of the people you care about. When you want to distance yourself from someone you have a hard time because you don’t know very well how to handle the situation. You tend to stop texting that person and stop congratulating them on special dates. You feel bad, but you don’t want to be around people who drain your energy, so do it if you need to.


Scorpio, you are a very direct person and you are not afraid to say what you think. When you want to distance yourself from someone, you just do it. You give fair and necessary explanations and continue with your life. You don’t like to disappear like anything because you don’t like them to do it with you. You are quite responsible emotionally speaking because your feelings are true, although very few people know how to value them.


Sagittarius, you are quite impulsive and that is why when you want to distance yourself from someone, you simply listen to the impulses of your heart. Many times you act without thinking about the consequences and end up doing more damage than you want. In short, you want to disappear from that person’s life and you always do the first thing that comes to mind. Muting or blocking him from social networks is your decision.


Capricorn, when you want to distance yourself from someone you become more cold and distant than normal. All your conversations are serious and you start to lose your smile when you are with that person. You try to make him see with your actions that you are not comfortable in his presence and that you want to continue with your life. In the end, you are sincere and tell him things as they are, but at first, you have a hard time opening up a bit because you are too lazy to start the topic of conversation.


Aquarius, when you want to distance yourself from someone, you just do it. You have always been a free and independent person, you have not liked to give explanations of what you do or do not do and that is why when an idea enters your head, you do it without thinking of anyone. You may seem a little selfish, but all you’re doing is looking out for your well-being, so don’t feel bad about making the decisions you have to make.


Pisces, you are a very sentimental person, and when you want to distance yourself from someone you usually have a really bad time. You try to do your best, but the fear of ending up in a hole makes you avoid that person in any situation. You do everything possible not to coincide in any event and thus keep your distance. You don’t mind making other plans as long as you don’t see that person and create an awkward situation.

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