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Which 3 Zodiac Signs Are Shining This Week?

Three zodiac signs can expect a high flight from April 29th. Find out in the health horoscope of the week whether your zodiac sign is one of them.

Not only physically, but also mentally, three zodiac signs are now on the fast track. From April 29th they can demonstrate their skills and give free rein to their energy. Does your zodiac sign count?

#1 Aquarius

This week you are particularly interested in healthy eating and sustainability. That’s why you always incorporate veggie days, which allows you to create new dishes in the kitchen. You’re having a lot of fun right now.

But you are also currently capable of top performance in sports. With the right diet, you can now score big. Who knows – maybe you’ll be able to see your first successes in a few weeks?

#2 Leo

Things are going well for you this week! With Powerplanet Mars at your side, you can now overcome any challenge. You use this opportunity to push your limits in sports.

But you also like meeting up with friends and treating yourself to a little gourmet meal now and then. This is not only important for your body, but also for your soul.

#3 Sagittarius

Intensive training increases your self-confidence – and you can use that right now.

In addition, you can also treat yourself to one or two wellness days, which will make you appear relaxed and rested not only externally but also internally.

In the gym, you can now test how much strength you have. Just don’t be afraid to pick up more weights. Your body is sometimes stronger than you might think.

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