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Which Women Are The Most Unfaithful According To The Sign Of The Zodiac?

Which women are the most unfaithful according to the sign of the zodiac? Astrologers have identified 6 Signs, whose representatives change most often. Even though it is impossible to evaluate the fidelity of women only by their belonging to a certain sign of the zodiac, many still show a desire for treason more often than others.

Astrologers have identified 6 Signs, whose representatives change most often. The stars have distributed everything in such a way that in each element there are at least one or two Signs, belonging to which can show that a woman is more prone to betrayal. From this article, you can find out which ladies are the most difficult to call the most faithful.

Which women are the most unfaithful:

6th place – Capricorn

Even though Capricorn is an earth sign, women and girls born under this constellation are not faithful. More precisely, they will always be with you if everything suits them. For example, they have a rich husband, and stability. As soon as this is not the case, they will leave. No matter how they swear allegiance to you, they marry not for your soul and character, but for your money, position, or something else. They will not like what they do, so Capricorns choose their husband very carefully. Many men will say that Capricorns are the most faithful ladies in the world. This is true, but only because you did not have a chance to test their love for strength and themselves for this very loyalty.

Fifth place – Taurus

The second Earth Sign on our list of the most unfaithful wives and girls. Taurus are ambitious ladies who have a clear predisposition to cheating because they always look at other men. While they are in love, they belong to one man, but then they become more greedy for compliments and attention from others. They have a love for dynamics in their blood. Taurus women do not stay long with rich but boring men. They are not interested in persistence. The only way to keep a Taurus woman is to keep her interested.

You need to show that you are easy to lose, then the Taurus lady will be with you. True, there is one big minus in this method of retention – jealousy. Taurus is a bunch of jealousy. They can fight, scream, and fight in hysterics. These are perhaps the largest owners in the world. The presence of children will also help to keep Taurus because the family is above all for them.

Fourth place – Pisces

This is a typical representative of the Water Signs of the Zodiac. Pisces may not cheat on you in the literal sense of the word, but they will flirt for sure. Girls born under this Sign can cheat on a man with whom they do not have a very long relationship or are unclear in some sense. If Pisces are not confident in their partner, then infidelity cannot be avoided. Of course, some factors can hold them back, but this is unlikely. If this consoles you, then the representatives of this Sign do not feel anything for those with whom they are cheating on you. It’s not okay for them, no. It’s just that they are monogamous, but they cannot keep themselves from the forbidden fruit. Pisces do this mostly rather casually because they do not know how to lie well enough, so you will immediately know about their lies. A little more observation will help you understand that the girl of this Sign wanted the attention of another man.

Third place – Libra

This air Zodiac sign is very emotional, very dynamic, jealous, and prone to intrigues on the side. Libra girls do not consider cheating a problem, unless, of course, their man knows about it. The vast majority of cheating Libra falls during the premarital period. If you are not married to Libra, then such ladies will constantly look for another man. Of course, this does not happen on purpose, but automatically.

It’s just that Libra is very greedy for flattery, for compliments. If you don’t make them, someone else will. Do not offer to check the relationship, disperse, disperse for a while. During this period, Libra women will not waste time. They, like Taurus, are stopped from betrayal only by marriage, children, increased control, and constant love. If you are ready to work for such a relationship all your life, then prepare for difficulties. You have to keep the fire going.

Second place – Scorpio

The Scorpio girl is something. Of course, they are beautiful and charismatic, emotional, but their betrayals defy logical explanations. There are, undoubtedly, representatives of this Sign who will never lie to their man, but among the Scorpio ladies, there are more than half of those who can change just like that, without any ulterior motive. Sometimes they test feelings for strength in this way, which makes no sense. Scorpio women are very dangerous players in love because they lack the sharpness of feelings and lightness. Astrologers and Astro psychologists do not undertake to give a clear answer to the question “Why?” and For what?”. You will not understand Scorpions, you can only love them.

Other Signs

In sixth or fifth place, you can put  Sagittarius and Aries which you did not see on the list. These fire Signs are mistakenly perceived by many people as not very true, but this is not so. Fire Signs, especially women, are people of principles. Although they are windy and independent, they will not lie to you. They will tell you directly that they don’t want to see you or they don’t like you. Of course, not everyone dares to do this, which is why they are located almost in the same place as Capricorns, but still a little lower. The men of these Signs are another matter. And Lions, and Aries, and Sagittarius – those are still womanizers, womanizers, and “don Juans”.

Leo and Cancers are the most faithful wives and girls because the former believe that “queens” should not look for love on the side, and the latter simply love their men too much. Cancers will never be able to change on an emotional level. These are pathological family men. You can trust these women, as well as Lionesses, without problems.

Virgo respects their time too much, so they will not meet with those men who, at least theoretically, can be changed. The virgins walking to the left are like water flowing back into the faucet.  Aquarius is similar to Virgos in this regard because they can only flirt with other men, but they will not touch someone else’s even at gunpoint.

The main reason for adultery is the lack of understanding of your soulmate. When there is no mutual understanding, disagreements begin, because of which betrayals become so harmless at first and painful later. Learn to put yourself in the place of your wife or spouse. Be diplomatic and flexible, and also remember that love should inspire you, give something, and not demand only return.

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